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15 Mar 2017
China joins EUCAST

China has decided to join EUCAST through the appointment of a General[...]

13 Mar 2017
Breakpoint table v 7.1 published

A new version of Breakpoint table 7.0 is published - version 7.1.


13 Mar 2017
Coagulase negative staphylococci - MIC vs. zone diameters uploaded

The files showing the validation of zone diameter breakpoints in[...]

09 Mar 2017
Consultation (9 March - 14 May) on MIC distributions and ECOFFs

The EUCAST Subcommittee on MIC distributions and ECOFFs and the EUCAST[...]

03 Mar 2017
New and updated MIC vs. zone diameter files

Several new files (Kingella kingae, Aerococcus spp and others) and updated[...]

02 Mar 2017
Consultation on "EUCAST guideline on the detection of resistance mechanisms ..."

A new version of the EUCAST guideline "Detection of resistance[...]

02 Mar 2017
New version of the AFST clinical breakpoint table.

Version 8.1 contains a small but important change in how MIC dilutions are[...]

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