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15 Jan 2017
Revised methods documents for yeasts and moulds

EUCAST methods for MIC determination of yeasts and moulds have both been[...]

09 Jan 2017
Several documents on methods and media revised

Several documents on methods and media revised:

Preparation of media and[...]

03 Jan 2017
Several EUCAST SOPs updated.

Several SOPs were updated on 3 January 2017.[...]

22 Dec 2016
Breakpoint and QC tables v 7.0 published.

New versions of EUCAST breakpoint tables (v 7.0) and QC tables (v 7.0)[...]

20 Dec 2016
VetCAST Newsletter, December 2016

VetCAST Newsletter December 2016 available on the VetCAST web page.



19 Dec 2016
WGS and its relationship to phenotypic AST in CMI

The EUCAST Subcommittee on the role of whole genome sequencing in[...]

17 Dec 2016
VetCAST project awarded 50 000 EUR by JPIAMR.

In October 2016, Professor Dik Mevius, chair of VetCAST, was awarded 50000[...]

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