EUCAST EUCAST EUCAST Disk diffusion correlates to MIC (broth microdilution) updated All files showing the correlation between EUCAST disk diffusion and broth microdilution MIC values... EUCAST AFST General Committee meeting 2018 - minutes EUCAST AFST General Committee meeting 2018 - minutes EUCAST on the Intermediate category - responses to comments on 3rd consultation. EUCAST has proposed to modify the definitions of S, I and R and to remove the "buffering for... Updated Breakpoint table (v8.0 updated to 8.1) EUCAST breakpoint tables v 8.0 (valid from 1 Jan, 2018) has been updated to v 8.1 (valid from 16... Minutes from the VetCAST meeting during ECCMID 2018 available The minutes from the VetCAST meeting, ECCMID in Madrid, 2018, are now available. General consultation on MIC distributions and the setting of ECOFFs The subcommittee has finalised the new document defining Wild type MIC distributions and ECOFFs and... EUCAST Posters at ECCMID available EUCAST EDL posters at ECCMID 2018 are now available from the EUCAST website. The page "Compliance of manufacturers" updated! The document "Compliance of manufacturers" will not be further updated. New information... EUCAST activities at ECCMID 2018 - error corrected We apologize but there was an error concerning the time and place of activities. This has now been... EUCAST activities at ECCMID 2018 EUCAST General Committee meeting (Agenda), Minutes from GC meeting 2017 and EUCAST activities at... EUCAST breakpoint tables v 8.0 in Serbian The Serbian NAC has translated EUCAST Breakpoint Tables v 8.0 into Serbian.  VetCAST position paper published VetCAST has published a position paper titled: En Route towards European Clinical Breakpoints... Serbian NAC formed Serbian NAC formed. A presentation of the NAC is now available.  The New Zealand NAC has organised a website. The New Zealand National AST Committee has organised a website. Please visit at... Consultation on modifying definitions of S, I and R and introducing the Area of Technical Uncertainty EUCAST publishes the third consultation on redefining the definitions of S, I and R and the... FAQ - updated version 18 February, 2018 The document "Frequently Asked Questions"is update at regular intervals. EUCAST receives... Breakpoint table for antifungal agents updated. The 2018 update of the Clinical breakpoint table for antifungal agents available. Consultation on oral amoxicillin (w/wo clavulanic acid) in H. influenzae and S. pneumoniae Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae are two of the most common organisms associated... AFST GC minutes and reports from 2016 and 2017 The AFST meetings and minutes page updated. AFST page of publications updated! The EUCAST Antifungal AST subcommittee has updated the publications web page. Colistin susceptibility testing - EUCAST trial now published The EUCAST evaluation of different methods for colistin susceptibility testing is now available in... What to do when there are no EUCAST breakpoints? One of the most frequently asked questions to EUCAST is "What do I do when new identification... QC Tables v 8.0 published QC Tables v 8.0 published. Changes between v 7.0 and 8.0 are described in the introduction to the... EUCAST Breakpoint tables v 8.0 (2018) The updated EUCAST breakpoint tables (version 8.0, 1 Jan, 2018) published. VetCAST Newsletter Dec 2017 VetCAST Newsletter published on VetCAST homepage. Voriconazole RD on Candida v 3.0 (update) The updated voriconazole candida rationale document v 3.0 published 19 Dec 2017. General consultation (deadline 18 Dec, 2017) on Breakpoint tables v 8.0 Breakpoint tables v8.0 - Consultation deadline 18 December, 2017. The final tables will be... General consultation on voriconazole breakpoints General consultation on proposed changes to voriconazole breakpoints. Warning on disk quality modified Follow-up studies have been performed and the results from autumn 2017 will be included in the... EUCAST SOP 10.0 MIC distributions and the setting of epidemiological cut-off (ECOFF) values. The EUCAST SOP on MIC distributions and the setting of ECOFFs have been published.