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01 Mar 2013
Antifungal breakpoint table updated (v6.0)

New antifungal agents and revised breakpoints have been added to the Clinical breakpoint table for antifungal agents. The previous versions are available in the archive.[more]

27 Feb 2013
Anidulafungin v 2.0 published

Anidulafungin v 2.0 published together with comments during consultation.[more]

24 Feb 2013
Fluconazole RD v 2.0 published

Fluconazole rationale document version 2.0 and comments from consultation are published. See Rationale documents for antifungal agents.[more]

18 Feb 2013
Fosfomycin rationale documents

Two newrationale documents published, fosfomycin and fosfomycin-trometamol.[more]

17 Feb 2013
Micafungin breakpoints and RD

Micafungin breakpoints and rationale document (and comments during the consultation period) are now published. [more]

06 Feb 2013
Validation of disk diffusion

Validation of disk diffusion - new files and updates: S.pyogenes, S.agalactiae,S.pneumoniae, Screening for beta-lactam resistance in S.pneumoniae, Pasteurella, Campylobacter.[more]

09 Jan 2013
Breakpoints for antifungals - Table v 5.0

A new version of the EUCAST breakpoint table for antifungals is published on Jan 9, 2013.[more]

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