Presentations and statistics

EUCAST at ECCMID, Helsinki, 2009


Defining problems in antimicrobial susceptibility testing:
lesson from external quality assurance.

(Derek Brown, UK)

Staphylococci. (Fred Tenover, USA)

Streptococci, pneumococci and enterococci
(Roland Leclerq, F)

Gram-negative rods and resistance to non-betalactam drugs
(Rafael Canton, ES)

(Arne Rodloff, D)


Questions and audience answers at workshop



Implementing EUCAST breakpoints in routine susceptibility testing

(Gunnar Kahlmeter, S)

Adopting EUCAST breakpoints in countries currently on CLSI breakpoints
(Paul Tulkens, B)

Breakpoint evolution or the need for continuous revision
(Alasdair MacGowan, UK)

Do clinical breakpoints really matter in patient care?
(Johan Mouton, NL)