AST of fungi

Susceptibility testing in moulds

EUCAST method for susceptibility testing of moulds (version 9.3.1 valid from 15 January, 2017).


EUCAST recommendations on the screening procedure E.Def 10.1 for the detection of azole resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus isolates using four-well azole-containing agar plates. J. Guinea, P.E. Verweij, J. Meletiadis, J.W. Mouton, F. Barchiesi, M.C. Arendrup 


Previous version 9.3 (22 December, 2015). Download.

Previous version 9.2 (25 August, 2014), Download.

Previous version 9.1 Download) and the corresponding Technical note .

Spanish translation of v 9.1