EUCAST Documents

Rationale Documents

The EUCAST Rationale Documents currently available are listed below. Rationale documents for antifungal agents are listed elsewhere, see



  • EUCAST SOP 1.2 Setting breakpoints for new antimicrobial agents (3 January, 2017); Previous ...

Discussion documents

EUCAST regularly opens documents for comment and discussion. After a set time period, feedback is considered and the document is finalized and published.

Publications in journals

EUCAST articles in scientific journals

Technical notes

Technical notes on antibacterial and antifungal agents.


EUCAST posters which were presented at ECCMIDs since 2003. Go to EUCAST presentations

Other Documents

Definitive documents, expert rules, as well as documents about the process of harmonizing breakpoints.

External documents

Here you find other relevant document which were not prepared by EUCAST.


EUCAST reports which have appeared in the ESCMID Yearbook or News or the EUCAST Newsletter.