Rationale Documents from EUCAST

The EUCAST Rationale Documents currently available are listed below. Rationale documents for antifungal agents are listed elsewhere, see Antifungal rationale documents".  


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Rationale Documents for antibacterial agents:


2019: Rationale Documents are currently under review. Many have not been updated with more recent breakpoints. When there are discrepancies between RDs and EUCAST breakpoint Tables or dosing recommendations, always refer to the current version of the breakpoint table.

Amikacin v 1.2

Amoxicillin v 1.0

Benzylpenicillin v 1.0

Cefotaxime v 1.0

Ceftaroline v 1.0

Ceftazidime v 1.0

Ceftobiprole v 1.0

Cefuroxime iv v 1.0

Ciprofloxacin v 1.9

Colistin v 1.0

Daptomycin v 1.0

Doripenem v 1.0

Doxycycline v 1.0

Ertapenem v 1.3

Fosfomycin v 1.0

Fosfomycin-trometamol v 1.0

Fusidic acid v 1.0

Gentamicin v 1.2

Imipenem v 1.3

Levofloxacin v 1.5

Linezolid v 1.0

Mecillinam v 1.0

Meropenem v 1.5

Metronidazole  v 1.0

Minocycline v 1.0

Moxifloxacin v 2.3

Mupirocin v 1.0

Netilmicin v 1.1

Nitrofurantoin v 1.0

Nitroxoline v 1.0

Norfloxacin v 1.4

Ofloxacin v 1.4

Phenoxymethylpenicillin v 1.0

Piperacillin-tazobactam v 1.0

Rifampicin v 1.0

Spectinomycin v 1.0

Teicoplanin v 2.1

Tedizolid v 1.0

Tetracycline v 1.0

Tigecycline v 1.0  

Tobramycin v 1.2

Trimethoprim v 1.0

Trimethoprimsulfamethoxazole v 1.0

Vancomycin v 2.1