Expert rules and intrinsic resistance

Expert rules and intrinsic resistance

EUCAST expert rules are a tabulated collection of expert knowledge on intrinsic resistances, exceptional resistance phenotypes and interpretive rules that may be applied to antimicrobial susceptibility testing in order to reduce errors and make appropriate recommendations for reporting particular resistances.


EUCAST Expert rules, intrinsic resistance and exceptional phenotypes v 3.1 (Sept 27, 2016)
There are parts of the original document which is not yet covered by the revision. For these the original document (EUCAST Expert rules v 2.0) is valid until the review has been completed.


This document was subjected to wide consultation during 2016. External comments and Steering Committee and Subcommittee responses are published.



EUCAST Expert rules (version 2.0 valid until Sept 10, 2016)

EUCAST Expert rules (version 1.0 valid until 29 Oct, 2011)