General Committee

The General Committee consists of the Chairman, the Scientific Secretary, the Clinical Data Co-ordinator, the Technical Data Coordinator and Webmaster and country representatives many of whom represents NACs from European countries and some countries outside Europe. There is also one representative from each of ISC and FESCI.

The current EUCAST General Committee is listed below. Nominations for representatives of countries where no official representative is listed should be sent to the EUCAST Administrative Secretariat.


Christian Giske, Sweden

Scientific Secretary

- mail>John Turnidge 

Clinical data coordinator
Rafael Canton, Spain

Tecnical data coordinator and webmaster
Gunnar Kahlmeter, Sweden

Country Representatives

Australia  Prof John Turnidge
Austria   Dr Petra Apfalter
Belgium   Prof Jan Verhaegen
Bosnia   Dr Selma Uzunovic-Kamberovic
Brazil   Prof Jorge Luiz Mello Sampaio
Bulgaria   Prof Krassimir Metodiev
Canada Prof Robert Rennie
China Prof Yingchun Xu
Croatia   Dr Arjana Tambic-Andrasevic
Czech Republic    Dr Helena Zemlickova
Denmark   Dr Mikala Wang
Estonia   Dr Marina Ivanova
Finland   Dr Antti Hakanen
France   Prof Luc Dubreuil
Germany   Prof Sören Gatermann
Greece   Prof Alkiviadis Vatopoulos
Hungary   Dr Ákos Tóth
Iceland   Dr Karl Gustaf Kristinsson
Ireland   Dr Michael F. Mulhern
Israel   Dr Yoram Keness
Italy   Prof Pietro Emanuele Varaldo
Latvia   Dr Arta Balode
Lithuania   Dr Jolanta Miciuleviciene,
Luxembourg   Dr Monique Perrin 
Montenegro Prof Vineta Vuksanovic
Morocco   Dr Amina Benaouda
Netherlands   Dr Greetje Kampinga
Norway   Dr P. Christoffer Lindemann
Poland   Prof  Waleria Hryniewicz
Portugal   Prof Jose Melo Cristino
Republic of Macedonia  Dr Gobulinka Bosevska
Romania   Dr Irina Codita
Russia   Dr Marina Sukhorukova
Serbia   Dr Lazar Ranin
Slovak Republic   Prof Milan Niks
Slovenia   Dr Iztok Strumbelj
South Africa Dr Olga Perovic
Spain   Prof Luis Martinez-Martinez
Sweden   Prof Håkan Hanberger
Switzerland   Prof Reinhard Zbinden 
Turkey   Dr Deniz Gür
Ukraine Prof Aidyn Salmanov
UK   Prof Alasdair MacGowan 
USA  Dr Paul Ambrose


Last updated October 2015

The ISC and FESCI Representatives
ISC (International Society
for Chemotherapy)
Prof Paul Tulkens                                                                             
FESCI (Federation of European
Societies of Chemotherapy
and Infection)
Dr David Livermore      

What is EUCAST all about?

Find out about our aims, who our members are and how EUCAST functions in our statutes.

EUCAST General Committee - one representative per European country!

EUCAST General Committee Meeting, May 2014
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