Latest Changes

Title Description Major Minor Date
Updated disk diffusion documents (manual, reading guide, slide show) New nomenclature, reading recommendations for Aeromonas. 2019/01/03
Serbian translations The EUCAST breakpoint table and documents related to the EUCAST Rapid AST directly from blood culture bottles were translated to Serbian by the Serbian NAC. 2018/12/31
Tigecycline dosing - a guidance doc ument Guidance to tigecycline dosing in relation to modified tigecycline breakpoints 2019. 2018/12/23
QC tables v 9.0 (valid from 2019-01-01) Criteria for meropenemvaborbactam, eravacycline and nitroxoline added. 2018/12/23
Clinical breakpoint table 2019 published The final version of the v 9.0, EUCAST breakpoint tables (2019) are now published. A separate dosing table is also made available. 2018/12/23
ATU - guidance to laboratories A guidance to laboratories on how EUCAST propose that laboratories should implement ATU during 2019. 2018/12/21
The implementation of new S, I and R definitions in Serbian The document on how to implement the new definitions of S, I and R are now available in Serbian (previously in English, Spanish and Czech). 2018/12/19
Warning Variable performance of the itraconazole agar in the azole resistance screening plate from VipCheck. 2018/12/13
Consultation on the 2019 Breakpoint tables (until 17 December) The final version of the 2019 EUCAST Breakpoint tables (v 9.0) will be published on 1 January, 2019. 2018/11/30
Rapid AST directly from positive blood culture bottles Methods, QC and breakpoints for rapid AST (reading inhibition zones after 4, 6 and 8 hours incubation) are now available. 2018/11/28
How to introduce the new definitions of S, I and R now available in English and Spanish 2018/11/15
Consultation on H.influenzae and breakpoints for piperacillintazobactam Consultation on H. influenzae and breakpoints for piperacillin-tazobactam - a proposed modification from 1 / 1 to 0.25 / 0.25 mg/L (open 7 November to 30 November, 2018). Comments submitted to scientific secretary John Turnidge. 2018/11/07
EUCAST Rapid AST directly from blood culture bottles 2018/11/06
Warning - meropenem in a Sensititre panel (DKMGN) 2018/11/06
New publication from the EUCAST AFST Subcommittee How to: EUCAST recommendations on the screening procedure E.Def 10.1 for the detection of azole resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus isolates using four-well azole-containing agar plates. J. Guinea, P.E. Verweij, J. Meletiadis, J.W. Mouton, F. Barchiesi, M.C. Arendrup 2018/10/29
Oral amoxicillin breakpoints for S. pneumoniae - consultation Consultation (24 Oct - 30 Nov) on oral amoxicillin breakpoints for Streptococcus pneumoniae. 2018/10/25
Consultation on proposed changes in tigecycline breakpoints 2018/10/22
Redefining susceptibility categories S, I and R, 2019. This presentation aims to explain to colleagues and laboratory staff the changes in the definitions of S, I and R and the consequences for reporting and surveillance. It also explains how to introduce the Area of Technical Uncertainty in laboratories. 2018/10/22
The Estonian EUCAST working group (NAV) has changed web-address. Estonial NAC-information updated. 2018/10/08
Consultation on breakpoint changes necessary in conjunction with introducing new definitions of S, I and R in the EUCAST breakpoint Table v 9.0 2018/10/04
Addendum: the warning against using gradient tests to confirm low-level vancomycin resistance in Enterococci now extended to encompass M.I.C.E 2018/08/16
Modified definitions of S, I and R The modified definitions of S, I and R are valid from 1 January, 2019. 2018/07/17
EUCAST system for antimicrobial abbreviation 2018/07/13
General Consultation on the revision of carbapenem breakpoints 2018/07/13
Warning against the use of gradient tests for confirming low level vancomycin resistance in Enterococci EUCAST together with the Norwegian Reference Laboratory issue a WARNING against the use of Etest™ (bioMérieux) and MTS™ (Liofilchem) for vancomycin MIC determination in Enterococcus faecalis and E. faecium with low-level vancomycin resistance. 2018/07/10
The ECOFF finder program is now available from the EUCAST website 2018/07/10
General Consultation Dosing and modes of administration EUCAST General Consultation on the validity of doses and modes of administration of antibacterial agents. 2018/07/06
The QC Tables for Antifungal susceptibilitytesting are updated The EUCAST subcommittee on antifungal susceptibility testing (EUCAST AFST) has updated the QC Tables. 2018/06/29
Files showing the validation of disk diffusion against MIC values have been updated. All files showing the correlation between EUCAST disk diffusion and broth microdilution MIC values have been update. Files for Aeromonas, Plesiomonas, Stenotrophomonas and Yersinia have been added. 2018/06/07
EUCAST AFST General Committee meeting 2018 - minutes 2018/05/30
EUCAST responses to comments on the proposal to modify definitions of S, I and R. EUCAST has proposed to modify the definitions of S, I and R and to remove the "buffering for technical uncertainty" hitherto a part of the definition of the intermediate category. EUCAST responses to comments on the 3rd consultation are now published. 2018/05/17
EUCAST Breakpoint tables updated to v 8.1 EUCAST breakpoint tables v 8.0 (valid from 1 Jan, 2018) has been updated to v 8.1 (valid from 16 May, 2018). The following updates (highlighted in light blue in tables) were introduced: - Enterobacterales, carbapenems comment 1 - Staphylococcus spp, penicillins comment 4 - Dosing tab, standard dosing of colistin 2018/05/16
General consultation on MIC distributions and the setting of ECOFFs 2018/05/01
Changes to the page "Compliance of manufacturers" The document "Compliance of manufacturers" will not be further updated. The page still lists the most recent version and all previous versions, but also what users should expect from manufacturers. 2018/04/16
The NAC from Finland presented 2018/04/12
FAQ question 8 updated Question 8 on temocillin has been updated 11 April 2018. 2018/04/11
VetCAST VetCAST documents uploaded (minutes from the March meeting; guidelines on how to collect and handle PK data and more. 2018/04/09
EUCAST Network laboratories - list updated The number of laboratories signing up to the EUCAST Laboratory Network is increasing. The list has been updated both for bacteriology and fungi. 2018/04/05
Breakpoint Tables v 8.0 in Serbian The Serbian NAC has translated the EUCAST breakpoint tables v 8.0 into Serbian. 2018/03/29
SOPs 3, 7, 8 and 9 were updated to new versions SOPs are updated on a regular basis. 2018/03/26
Serbian NAC formed 2018/03/20
The New Zealand NAC has organised a website. 2018/03/08
Consultation on modifying definitions of S, I and R and introducing the Area of Technical Uncertainty Consultation 23 February - 10 April, 2018 2018/02/23
FAQ - updated version 18 February, 2018 2018/02/18
Breakpoint table for antifungal agents updated 2018 (11 Febr, 2018) 2018/02/11
Consultation Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae are two of the most common organisms associated with respiratory tract infections. Non-invasive infections are often treated with oral amoxicillin. There are currently no breakpoints that take into account the oral dosing regimens and PK-PD data specific to this indication. This is a consultation on proposed oral dosing. Download consultation document and form for comments. 2018/02/07
AFST Minutes and Meetings page updated 2018/01/30
General Committee update - new representative for Finland 2018/01/30
Updates to the AFST page listing publications 2018/01/29
EUCAST colistin AST evaluation published See publication 2018/01/17