Latest Changes

Title Description Major Minor Date
Prelinary breakpoint table v 7.0 for consultation Consultation 1 Dec - 15 Dec, 2016. Comments to Erika.Matuschek[at] 2016/12/01
EUCAST instruction videos now in French Instruction videos now in French. 2016/12/01
Colistin warnings updated! The warning against colistin gradient tests and disk testing has been updated with more information. The testing was extended to include E.coli, K.pneumoniae, Ps.aeruginosa and Acinetobacter spp. 2016/11/28
Comments and responses to consultations Several "comments and responses" on consultations during 2016 are now published on the Consultation website. 2016/11/20
Instruction videos in German EUCAST instruction videos now available in German. 2016/11/17
EUCAST videos in russian EUCAST instruction videos now available with russian subtitles. 2016/11/15
EUCAST instruction videos with turkish subtitles The EUCAST instruction videos now published with turkish subtitles. 2016/11/14
Fosfomycin disk testing recommendations published EUCAST recommendations on fosfomycin disk diffusion, until further notice, for Escherichia coli only. Recommendations for other UTI pathogens, Staphylococci and Pseudomonas will follow. 2016/11/10
Clinical breakpoints and disk diffusion correlates for ceftazidime-avibactam Clinical breakpoints and disk diffusion correlates for ceftazidime-avibactam published as an addendum to the clinical breakpoint table, on 8 November, 2016. 2016/11/08
Consultation on Breakpoints for Aerococcus and Kingella Consultation on Breakpoints for Aerococcus and Kingella (deadline 9 December 2016) 2016/10/27
Enterobacteriaceae - relationship between MICs and zone diameters The validation file for disk diffusion testing of Enterobacteriaceae has been updated. 2016/09/29
Daptomycin for endocarditis in enterococci - updated guidance 2016/09/24
A new version (v 3.0) of the EUCAST Expert Rules document is available. 2016/09/10
Splitting wild type MIC distributions with breakpoints - or not! A new guidance docuement published: Splitting wild type MIC distributions with breakpoints - or not! 2016/09/09
Susceptibility testing of Legionella pneumophila Guidance from EUCAST on antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Legionella pneumophila. 2016/09/09
Turkish NAC information updated The Turkish NAC has a new website and has updated the information about its NAC. 2016/09/07
EUCAST instruction videos now available EUCAST is publishing instruction videos describing how to perform disk diffusion according to EUCAST. 2016/09/01
Addendum to the "Warning against colistin gradient tests" has been added. Following further testing of the performance of colistin gradient tests on MH agar from three manufacturers, an addendum was published. 2016/08/26
Information on the US NAC, USCAST, updated 2016/08/24
WARNING against colistin gradient tests The EUCAST Development Laboratory, together with several EUCAST Network Laboratories, have investigated the ability of current gradient tests (Etest and MTS) to accurately predict colistin MIC values. Both gradient tests underestimate the MIC-values, especially on and above the breakpoint of 2 mg/mL, leading to false susceptibility. 2016/07/07
EUCAST guidance: What to do when there are no breakpoints? What to do when there are no breakpoints? Sometimes there are no breakpoints for a certain species/agent combination. This document provides guidance from EUCAST on how to proceed. 2016/07/05
Evaluation of disks from 9 manufacturers updated 2016/07/01
VetCAST file from GC meeting in Amsterdam 2016 uploaded. "How VetCAST will define clinical breakpoints" - powerpoint presentation from ECCMID 2016 (presentation at the VetCAST general committee meeting) 2016/06/14
VetCAST presentations and minutes VetCAST met twice during ECCMID in Amsterdam. Presentations and minutes are now available from the VetCAST webpage. 2016/05/17
EUCAST releases three consultations (13 May - 24 June, 2016) 2016/05/13
The Brazilian NAC is now on the EUCAST website The Brazilian NAC was formed during 2016 and its website is now available from the EUCAST website. The NAC is working on translating EUCAST documents to Portuguese. 2016/05/08
Ceftobiprole Rationale Document published 2016/04/25
Statutes amended 2016-04-11 2016/04/17
EUCAST Network Laboratories Two documents pertaining to MIC testing of Candida and Aspergillus are mentioned in this document. The reference to them in the Network document has been updated. 2016/04/07
EUCAST Posters at ECCMID 2016 As usual, all EUCAST posters presented at ECCMID are summarised in one pdf-file and published on the website. These often report on ongoing work in EUCAST. 2016/04/06
Maps of uptake of EUCAST updated The maps showing the uptake of EUCAST recommendations have been updated. 2016/04/06
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) update 2016-03-29 2016/03/29
Reference MIC method for colistin 2016/03/22
Ukraine has formed a NAC Ukraine has formed a national AST committee (UCAST) and joined the EUCAST. More information is available on the page presenting all NACs. 2016/03/20
Canada has formed a NAC Canada has formed a NAC, CANCAST, to interact with EUCAST and other standards organisations in antimicrobial susceptibility testing. 2016/03/15
EUCAST Maps and Statistics updated The international implementation of EUCAST is shown as maps and statistics from external quality control programmes. Maps and stats were updated 2016-03-15. 2016/03/15
Compliance of manufacturers - updated version 10 March 2016 The document "Compliance of manufacturers of AST devices and materials" was updated 10 March 2016. 2016/03/10
Guidance note on the use of daptomycin in endocarditis caused by Enterococci 2016/03/04
QC tables updated from v 6.0 (January 2016) to v 6.1 (March 2016) Two changes were made between v 6.0 and 6.1: * Two zone diameter ranges updated in collaboration with CLSI: E. coli ATCC 25922 vs. meropenem 10 µg and P. aeruginosa ATCC 27853 vs. cefepime 30 µg. * Zone diameter target added for E. faecalis ATCC 51299 and the streptomycin 300 µg disk. 2016/03/01
EUCAST SOP 4.2 published The EUCAST SOP 4.2 (Committees and subcommittees) revised 2016/02/25
QC Table v 6.0 published An updated version of the QC tables (v 6.0) published with the following changes: - New agents added: Ceftolozane-tazobactam, dalbavancin, oritavancin and tedizolid. - New table with recommendations for β-lactam-β-lactamase inhibitor combination disks. - Several new zone diameter ranges for H. influenzae ATCC 49766. - H. influenzae NCTC 8468 excluded. 2016/01/10
Breakpoint tables v 6.0 pre-published The 2016 EUCAST Breakpoint tables (v 6.0) are made available. 2015/12/23
Two AFST methods documents updated The methods documents on MIC determination in yeasts and aspergillus have been updated. 2015/12/22
EUCAST documents available in Chinese 2015/11/23
AFST Clinical breakpoints v 8.0 New version of AFST Clinical breakpoints published 2015/11/16
Isavuconazole rationale document published Isavuconazole rationale document published 2015/11/16
QC AFST Table published QC AFST Table published 2015/11/16
Investigation into the quality of disks from 9 manufacturers. EUCAST has just concluded the second round of testing of disks from 9 manufacturers. Some were found to perform well whereas others exhibit grave potency/disk mass problems. Users of disks are advised to read the report and to heed the recommendations. Several manufacturers are advised to improve their process of manufacturing. 2015/10/23
Proposed changes to the intermediate category (consultation until 3 December, 2015). EUCAST is consulting on the proposed changes to the definition of the intermediate category. 2015/10/22
Consultation on "Intrinsic resistance and exceptional phenotypes" Consultation is open between October 8 and December 3, 2015. 2015/10/08