Latest Changes

Title Description Major Minor Date
The New Zealand NAC has organised a website. 2018/03/08
Consultation on modifying definitions of S, I and R and introducing the Area of Technical Uncertainty Consultation 23 February - 10 April, 2018 2018/02/23
FAQ - updated version 18 February, 2018 2018/02/18
Breakpoint table for antifungal agents updated 2018 (11 Febr, 2018) 2018/02/11
Consultation Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae are two of the most common organisms associated with respiratory tract infections. Non-invasive infections are often treated with oral amoxicillin. There are currently no breakpoints that take into account the oral dosing regimens and PK-PD data specific to this indication. This is a consultation on proposed oral dosing. Download consultation document and form for comments. 2018/02/07
AFST Minutes and Meetings page updated 2018/01/30
General Committee update - new representative for Finland 2018/01/30
Updates to the AFST page listing publications 2018/01/29
EUCAST colistin AST evaluation published See publication 2018/01/17
New version of QC tables published 2018/01/04
Website statistics updated Updated statistics on website hits and downloads on and from the EUCAST website. 2018/01/03
Breakpoint tables v 8.0 (2018) published The 2018 version of the EUCAST breakpoint tables published. 2018/01/01
VetCAST Newsletter December 2017 published 2017/12/29
Voriconazole rationale document v 3.0 (19 Dec 2017) A new version of the voriconazole rationale document published following general consultation Dec 2017 (there were no comments). 2017/12/19
Legionella guidance document updated The recommendation on which QC type strain should be used has been corrected. 2017/12/11
General consultation on Breakpoint tables v8.0 Deadline for comments December 18, 2017 2017/12/08
General consultation on proposed changes to voriconazole breakpoints 2017/11/28
Warnings website updated 2017/11/23
EUCAST SOP 10.0 MIC distributions and the setting of epidemiological cut-off (ECOFF) values. EUCAST SOP added. 2017/11/17
Consultation on proposed change to fluoroquinolone breakpoints in Moraxella. Deadline for comments to proposal 17 November, 2017 2017/10/19
2nd consultation of the modification of the definition of the intermediate category - comments and EUCAST responses. 2017/10/09
Proposed breakpoints for Aeromonas and Plesiomonas - consultation deadline 17 November, 2017 2017/10/09
Consultation on the proposal to remove macrolide breakpoints from H.influenzae. Deadline for comments 17 November, 2017. 2017/10/08
Guidance: Setting breakpoints for agent-inhibitor combinations New EUCAST guidance document. 2017/10/02
Ceftaroline revised breakpoints for S. aureus Following the approval by EMA of a new dosage regimen for ceftaroline, EUCAST has introduced an I category. Until the change can be introduced in breakpoint table 8.0 (January 2018) the change is described in an addendum. 2017/07/14
Document on Resistance mechanisms of clinical and/or public health importance updated. 2017/07/11
EUCAST 2nd consultation on modifying the Intermediate category released 2017/07/11
Rationale document for trimethoprimsulfamethoxazole now available 2017/07/09
Updated warning on colistin susceptibility testing 2017/06/26
Ceftolozane-tazobactam zone diameter breakpoints for Ps. aeruginosa available. 2017/06/07
Posaconazole RD for Candida and Aspergillus merged and updated. Posaconazole RD for Candida and Aspergillus merged and updated. 2017/05/04
Maps and statistics over EUCAST implementation an website stats updated 2017/04/18
Minutes of VetCAST meeting, Amsterdam, March 2017 2017/04/04
EUCAST instruction videos in Czech 2017/03/27
Breakpoint table v 7.1 replaces v 7.0 2017/03/13
Consultation on MIC distributions and ECOFFs The EUCAST Subcommittee on MIC distributions and the setting of ECOFFs publishes a document for general consultation (9 March - 14 May). 2017/03/09
Updated and new files showing calibration between MIC and zone diameters 2017/03/03
Consultation "EUCAST guidelines for the detection of resistance mechanisms....." EUCAST guidelines for the detection of resistance mechanisms ...." 2 March - 14 April, 2017. 2017/03/02
New version of the AFST clinical breakpoints table Changes are in the expression of MIC dilutions. 2017/03/02
Nitroxoline Rationale Document published 2017/02/06
Minutes (unratified) from the General Commmittee meeting 2016. The unratified minutes from the 2017 General Committee meeting, Amsterdam 2016 available. 2017/02/04
EUCAST instruction videos in Arabic Arabic subtitles now in EUCAST videos 2017/01/30
Instruction viedeos with Portuguese subtitles 2017/01/20
Updated methods documents for AST of yeasts and moulds The documents describing broth microdilution in yeasts and moulds have both been revised 15 January, 2017. 2017/01/15
Revised versions of disk diffusion manuals 2017 Revised versions of disk testing manual, reading guide, 2017/01/09
Revised version of the preparation of plates and media guide 2017/01/09
Subcommittee on Antimycobacterial AST described A description of the work and remit of the subcommittee published. 2016/12/22
Breakpoint table v 7.0 published Breakpoint table v 7.0 published ahead of time. Previous breakpoint table - see "Previous versions of documents" 2016/12/22
QC Tables v 7.0 published QC Tables v 7.0 published 2016/12/22
Topical agents - guidance note revised. Breakpoints for topical agents have been moved from the guidance document to Breakpoint Tables v 7.0. 2016/12/22