Latest Changes

Title Description Major Minor Date
EUCAST advice on intrinsic resistance and unusual phenotypes updated. 2020/03/03
EUCAST broth microdilution reading guide updated EUCAST broth microdilution reading guide updated to version 2.0 with specific reading instructions for Gram-negative organisms with tigecycline and eravacycline added. 2020/03/02
Quality of 21 brands of commercially available MH powders EUCAST has evaluated the quality of 21 Mueller Hinton powders, all commercially available. Several media performed well together with EUCAST criteria whereas others performed poorly. 2020/02/29
AFST - updated breakpoint tables 2020/02/25
AFST QC tables updated 2020/02/25
Rationale documents for antifungal agents updated 2020/02/17
Update: Breakpoint tables for Rapid AST directly from blood culture bottles 2020/02/10
RAST from blood culture bottles published 2020/02/05
New version of the ECOFFinder program available 2020/01/26
Guidance on the implementation and use of the 2020 revised aminoglycoside breakpoints (Jan 21, 2020) 2020/01/21
EUCAST/CLSI joint working group recommendations on the determination of appropriate disk content Consultation document with comments and responses published 2020/01/10
Guidance on Topical agents Revised guidance not on breakpoints for topical agents (valid from the 1 January, 2020) 2019/12/31
VetCast update on Steering Committee information 2019/12/30
EUCAST 2020 breakpoint tables available 2019/12/20
Updated guidance on methodological documents (disk testing, reading guide, media preparation) 2019/12/20
Consultation on ceftolozane-tazobactam concluded. Comments and EUCAST response released. 2019/12/13
EUCAST respons to comments during the temocillin consultation 2019/12/09
EUCAST Breakpoint table v 10.0 for consultation 2019/12/06
SOPs updated SOPs 1, 2, 5, 6 and 10 updated. 2019/12/04
Frequently Asked Questions - Mycobacteria A file with questions and answers was added 2019/11/27
ECOFFs for ceftolozane and ceftolozane-tazobactam added. 2019/11/25
Updated warnings Updated warnings and a new warning against the use of gradient tests for benzylpenicillin in S. pneumoniae issued. 2019/11/21
Workshop on generating phenotypic susceptibility data on MTBC 2019/11/19
Expert rules Enterococcus The document stated: "High level resistance reflect production of ANT(6) or other enzymes or of ribosomal mutations. In vitro studies have shown lack of synergy of betalactams and gentamicin (now corrected to streptomycin) in such strains." 2019/11/07
General consultation on revised ceftolozane-tazobactam breakpoints 2019/11/01
Cefazolin breakpoints in Enterobacterales in UTI - consultation until 8 November, 2019. 2019/10/24
Updated website statistics The use of EUCAST web pages reflects the adoption of EUCAST recommendations. Website statistics are updated on a regular basis. 2019/10/17
Frequently Asked Questions on EUCAST RAST 2019/10/15
Temocillin clinical breakpoints - consultation General consultation until 8 November, 2019, on proposed temocillin clinical breakpoints 2019/10/14
Two new instruction videos available EUCAST has just published two new instruction videos - one on the storage and handling of disks and media, and one on QC of AST in the laboratory. 2019/10/07
AFST Rationale Documents and new breakpoint table for consultation. 2019/09/25
Rationale for the reference method for MIC determination of M. tuberculosis New document on the "Rationale for the reference method for MIC determination of M. tuberculosis" posted 2019/09/03
Florefenicol RD v 1.0 published by VetCAST 2019/08/16
FAQ document updated. The EUCAST FAQ document has been updated. Several new Q and A on S, I and R definitions and the use of ATUs. 2019/08/12
B. pseudomallei breakpoints and methods - comments and response to consultation 2019/07/23
Comments and EUCAST responses to the consultation on following through on the change to "Susceptible, increased exposure". Consultation on "Susceptible, increased exposure" with comments and EUCAST responses, now available. 2019/07/22
Antimycobacterial susceptibility testing Several changes - rationale documents for bedaquiline and delaminide published, consultation finalised, and a reference method for MIC testing of Mycobacteria published. 2019/07/19
A Serbian EUCAST website has been published All EUCAST documents are now available in Serbian. 2019/07/05
Comment on the responsibility of manufacturers and laboratories in relation to quality of AST material. The comment is added under "The quality of disks". 2019/06/30
RAST - please inform us Implementing RAST from blood culture bottles If you have implemented, or aim to implement, RAST according to the EUCAST method, please send an email stating the name, town and country of your laboratory, and tell us if you were successful or encountered difficulties. Mail to EUCAST. 2019/06/25
Expert rules consultation - comments and responses published 2019/06/17
Expert Rules updated June 2019 All expert rules have been reviewed and revised. 2019/06/14
Maps showing EUCAST implementation updated. 2019/05/25
EUCAST consultation on breakpoints for Burkholderia pseudomallei EUCAST proposes clinical breakpoints for Burkholderia pseudomallei. These are open for public consultation between 23 May and 30 June, 2019. 2019/05/23
Modified Warning The warning against using gradient tests for confirming vancomycin resistance has been modified. 2019/05/21
New consultation - to determine disk content Joint EUCAST and CLSI initiative - proposed SOP for the determination of optimal disk content. 2019/05/21
Revision of aminoglycoside breakpoints - consultation EUCAST proposes to revise aminoglycoside breakpoints - public consultation 30 May, 2019 2019/05/17
Reference broth microdilution for M. tuberculosis complex The EUCAST Subcommittee on Anti-Mycobacterial susceptibility testing proposes a broth microdilution reference method for the determination of MICin organisms belonging to the M. tuberculosis complex. The documents are open for general consultation 15 May - 26 June, 2019. 2019/05/15
EUCAST General Consultation 9 May - 23 June, 2019 EUCAST proposes that agent/species currently categorised as "S" with a note to use high exposure, are re-categorised as “Susceptible, increased exposure” (I) 2019/05/09
The working order between pharma, EMA and EUCAST (update 5 May, 2019) 2019/05/05