AST of bacteria

Development and validation of EUCAST Disk Diffusion breakpoints

The EUCAST Disk Diffusion test was developed by EUCAST during 2009 - 2013 under the auspices of ESCMID and with the help of many laboratories. The help of these laboratories is gratefully acknowledged. The EUCAST disk diffusion method is continuously developed and updated for new agents and for new species. Furthermore, changes in MIC breakpoints merit updates in the validation/calibration files.


The files below list material and graphs used for determining zone diameter breakpoints to match MIC breakpoints (Example 1). 


Updated (all) and added (Aeromonas, Plesiomonas, Stenotrophomonas and Yersinia) files on 7 June, 2018. The order in which files are presented matches the order in which species are presented in the breakpoint table. All MIC values are with broth microdilution. All presentations are against MIC breakpoints in the EUCAST breakpoint Table 8.1.


Previous updates - files in 2017:

All files were updated 3 March 2017 (breakpoints checked against Breakpoint table 7.0 and new graphs added). MIC values were determined with broth micro dilution.


Older versions can be obtained from the web master.