Videos from EUCAST

Instruction videos from EUCAST

In collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO), EUCAST publishes instruction videos on how to perform antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) using EUCAST recommended methods and interpretation. During 2016, five videos have been completed and 5 more are under construction in 2017.

The videos are published on Youtube™ and have an English speaker voice and English subtitles. There is a mechanism by which subtitles can be translated to other languages.

1. Preparation of inoculum (English).
2. Inoculation of agar plates for disk diffusion (English).
3. Application of antibiotic disks and incubation of plates (English).
4. Reading of inhibition zone diameters (English).
5. Guidance on the use of the breakpoint table (English).

Instruction videos on EUCAST susceptibility testing with subtitles in other languages than English:

Instruction videos in German.

Instruction videos in Russian.

Instruction videos in Turkish.

Instruction videos in French.

Instruction videos in Spanish.

Instruction videos in Portuguese.

Instruction videos in Arabic.

Instruction videos in Czech. 

Instruction videos in Chinese. 

Instruction videos in ...(more to follow shortly)




The instruction videos from EUCAST on how to perform antimicrobial susceptibility disk diffusion testing was produced by a project team from EUCAST and WHO:

Erika Matuschek, Jenny Åhman and Gunnar Kahlmeter, EUCAST Development Laboratory
Christopher Oxenford, Danilo Lo Fo Wong and Nienke van de Sande, WHO
Jonas Ljungdahl, photographer and editor, Växjö, Sweden.


The following are acknowledged for translations of subtitles into languages other than English:

Sören Gatermann, Michael Kresken and Axel Hamprecht, all German NAC.

Roman Kozlov, Marina Sukhorukova, Mikhail Edelstein, all Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (IAC), Smolensk State Medical University (SSMU).

ADTS working Group (Turkish NAC for EUCAST).

Luc Dubreuil, Université de Lille, France.

Luis Martinez-Martinez and Antonio Oliver, both Spanish Committee of the Antibiogram (Coesant).


Ana Gales and Jorge Sampaio, Brazilian Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (BrCAST).


Magda Rakha, Consultant Public Health laboratories and Humayun Asghar, WHO EMRO.


Pavla Urbaskova, Helena Zemlickova and Vladislav Jakubu, all members of the Czech NAC.