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22 Jul 2019
EUCAST consultation (comments and responses) on the implementation of "Susceptible, increased exposure"

The EUCAST consultation on the "Susceptible, increased exposre"

19 Jul 2019
Antimycobacterial susceptibility testing

Several changes - rationale documents for bedaquiline and delaminide

05 Jul 2019
EUCAST documents in Serbian on NAC website.

All EUCAST documents have been translated to Serbian and are now

14 Jun 2019
Revised expert rules published.

All expert rules have been revised. Public consultation completed.

25 May 2019
Maps showing EUCAST implementation updated.

Maps showing the implementation of EUCAST have been updated for 2019.

22 May 2019
EUCAST public consultation (until 30 June) on proposed breakpoints for Burkholderia pseudomallei

EUCAST public consultation on proposed breakpoints for Burkholderia

21 May 2019
Proposed joint CLSI/EUCAST SOP for optimizing disk contents.

A joint CLSI/EUCAST ad hoc subcommittee/working group has proposed an SOP

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