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23 Dec 2015
EUCAST Breakpoint tables v 6.0 pre-published

The EUCAST breakpoint tables v 6.0 (2016) are now available on the website.[...]

23 Dec 2015
Updates on AFST methods documents

Two methods documents related to antifungal susceptibility testing have[...]

16 Dec 2015
BSAC leading article in JAC on UK switch from BSAC to EUCAST disk diffusion

The BSAC working party on antimicrobial susceptibility testing recommends[...]

07 Dec 2015
The EUCAST Clinical Breakpoint Tables v. 6.0 for consultation.

Every year, EUCAST publishes next year´s breakpoint tables 2 - 3 weeks in[...]

23 Nov 2015
EUCAST documents available in Chinese

The EUCAST breakpoint tables and one general document on EUCAST are now[...]

16 Nov 2015
New information on antifungal susceptibility testing

Clinical breakpoints for antifungal agents v 8.0 published. Breakpoints[...]

23 Oct 2015
Wide variation in disk quality in 16 selected disks from nine manufacturers

During 2014 and 2015, EUCAST has evaluated the disk potency of 16[...]

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