17 Dec 2016

VetCAST project awarded 50 000 EUR by JPIAMR.

In October 2016, Professor Dik Mevius, chair of VetCAST, was awarded 50000 Euro for a project submitted to the JPIAMR call for transnational working groups. Dik Mevius will coordinate the project in collaboration with Professor Alain Bousquet-Melou of École Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse. The project is termed “VetCAST” and has duration of one year (2017) with the following outcomes and deliverables planned:

  1. VetCAST position paper on clinical MIC breakpoints in veterinary medicine
  2. Roadmap describing how to access, validate and organize MIC, PK, and PD data
  3. Training course on PK and setting of clinical breakpoints in veterinary medicine
  4. One CBP established as a proof of concept once the position paper and roadmap are in place (e.g. for tetracycline, Pasteurella multocida, pneumonia, cattle)
  5. Promotion of VetCAST activities (e.g. press releases, brochures for vet conferences, articles for veterinary magazines etc.)

This project represents the first funding of VetCAST, and the Steering Committee believes that it can be a kickstart for VetCAST, and a booster for future activities in this EUCAST subcommittee.”


The EUCAST Steering Committee congratulates VetCAST on its endeavour.