AST of bacteria

EUCAST panel of nine well characterized P. aeruginosa strains

During 2021/22, EUCAST in collaboration with CCUG (the Culture Collection of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden), and the EUCAST Spanish and Norwegian NAC representatives, have selected nine P. aeruginosa strains which have been carefully phenotypically and genetically characterized using several panels and repeated broth microdilution before and after freeze drying and sequencing in two laboratories. The strains can be obtained from CCUG as a complete collection. 

The strains will be useful for 

  • laboratories aiming to validate the accuracy of their AST methods
  • validating the quality of commercial material intended for susceptibility testing (the MIC-value or the correct categorisation of S, I and R) 
  • confirming the ability of laboratories and methods to detect specific genes and resistance mechanisms.
  • developers of antimicrobials and AST methods.

MICs should, irrespective of method used, comply with the consensus MICs, either being identical or with a value which is within ±1 dilution of the reference. Some degree of random variation is accepted whereas systematic deviation (i.e. MICs for a specific agent or several agents being systematically lower or higher than consensus MICs) should be further investigated, even if MICs are within ± 1 dilution of consensus MICs.