ECOFF review and revisions

ECOFFs are based on available MIC (and zone diameter) distributions. As more data is generated there is a need to 

(1) add new ECOFFs and TECOFFs

(2) revise existing ECOFFs and TECOFFs

(3) remove ECOFFs/TECOFFs where data do not match criteria in SOP 10.1


The table below lists all added ECOFFs and changes to ECOFFs.

Changes in MIC and Zone diameter ECOFFs

Ecoff Table

Agents Species MIC ECOFF from - to MIC TECOFF from - to Zone ECOFF from - to Reason for change Date Signed
All available Stapjylococcus hyicus Added Added 22 April 2021 G Kahlmeter, J Turnidge, Kees Veldman
Eravacycline MIC distributions imported ECOFFs and TECOFFs for several spec ies 02 June 2020 G Kahlmeter & J Turnidge
Telavancin, Dalbavancin All species with relevant number of distributions No changes, a few added None 22 May 2020 G Kahlmeter & J Turnidge
Ceftolozane and ceftolozane-tazobactam All Review of all None Rationale document revision 13 May 2020 G Kahlmeter/J Turnidge
Fosfomycin E. coli 8 mg/L is too high and is currently under investigation. MIC distributions not generated with agar dilution are removed. with Only agar dilution is accepted for MIC determination 27 April 2020 G Kahlmeter
Gentamicin, Tobramycin, Amikacin All - review and in some cases revision As part of systematically reviewing all ECOFFs in accordance with SOP10.1 12 April 2020 G Kahlmeter & J Turnidge
Daptomycin - review and revision (visual and ECOFFinder agree) All (but most importantly E.faecalis, E. faecium and Staphylococci) See MIC distribution programme See MIC distribution programme Requested review of all MIC data 06 April 2020 G Kahlmeter and J Turnidge
Temocillin All species and data available 20200403 curated Temocillin breakpoints and guidance prepared for publication 03 April 2020 G Kahlmeter & J Turnidge
Temocillin E. coli and K.pneumoniae 16 (as TECOFF) for E. coli and 8 (as TECOFF) for K.pneumoniae to ECOFFs Data now consolidated 23 March 2020 GK and JT
Ciprofloxacin All General review and revision. ECOFFs and TECOFFs changed, added or removed. 02 March 2020
Trimethoprimsulfamethoxazole All All ECOFFs reviewed and several revised (E. coli 0.25, most Enterobacterales to 0.5) General review of data 21 January 2020 G Kahlmeter
Ceftolozane and ceftolozane-tazobactam Several ECOFFs added - - 25 November 2019 GK
Ciprofloxacin S. pneumoniae 2 to 4 mg/L - From 20 to 18 mm 18 November 2019 GK
Cefazolin E. coli and K.pneumoniae New ECOFFs 4 mg/L for both - - New ECOFFs 21 October 2019 GK
Rifampicin S. aureus ECOFF 0.03 removed (insufficient data) 0.016 mg/L 19 October 2019 GK
Tedizolid S. aureus New ECOFF 0.5 mg/L - - Review of all data as part of determining breakpoints 18 October 2019 GK
Temocillin E. coli, K.pneumoniae, P.mirabilis, Salmonella ECOFFs determined E.coli As part of determining breakpoints 14 October 2019 GK
Temocillin E.coli, K.pneumoniae, P.mirabilis E.coli 16, K.pneumoniae 8 and P.mirabilis 4 mg/L Review of all temocillin data 14 October 2019 GK
Nalidixic acid Review all General review of all nalidixic acid ECOFFs; some removed, some changed 30 September 2019 GK
All E. coli - - All zone diameter ECOFFs updated 28 February 2019 GK
All Bordetella bronchiseptica New ECOFFs New ECOFFs 31 January 2019 VetCAST
Florfenicole All New New ECOFFs determined for the first tiime 31 January 2019 VetCAST
Tigecycline Full review See website See website Review of all data 01 January 2019 GK JT
Colistin E. coli, K.pneumoniae, Ac. baumanni and Ps. aeruginosa E.coli, K.pneumoniae and Ac. baumannii 2 mg/L; Ps. aeruginosa 4 mg/L - - Review of all available data 31 December 2018 GK JT
Daptomycin E.faecalis and E. faecium New ECOFFs are 4 (E.faecalis) and 8 (E.faecium) mg/L Review of all daptomycin data 30 December 2018 GK