Latest Changes

Title Description Major Minor Date
Colistin breakpoints for consultation 2021/10/06
EUCAST general consultation on breakpoints for anaerobic bacteria EUCAST is consulting (4 October - 15 November) on revised clinical breakpoints for anaerobic bacteria. 2021/10/04
General consultation on clinical breakpoints for Vibrio species Consultation period 1 October - 15 November 2021/10/01
EUCAST seminar on AST of anaerobes A EUCAST online seminar is offered Thu 9 December, 2021, in preparation for introducing disk diffusion for anaerobic bacteria. 2021/09/22
Disk diffusion of anaerobic bacteria Three months ahead of releasing breakpoints and disk diffusion correlates EUCAST publishes the methodology, the QC criteria and a disk diffusion reading guide. 2021/09/20
Review of MIC distribution database - glyco- and lipoglycopeptides 2021/08/23
Azithromycin, Telithromycin, Spiramycin, Tulathromycin MIC distributions reviewed 2021/08/18
MIC database for more agents curated Several more agents (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, erythromycin, clarithromycin, rifampicin) curated as part of the 2021 SOP 10.1 review of the entire MIC distribution database. 2021/07/27
To clinical colleagues on the definitions and use of S, I and R Please distribute to clinical colleagues, normally not updated on susceptibility testing matters. 2021/07/09
Ukrainian NAC chair appointed by the ministry 2021/07/05
Valdiation and calibration graphs updated for 2021 2021/07/01
Frequently Asked Questions updated The EUCAST frequently asked questions file has been updated. Several Qs added. 2021/06/04
Legionella susceptibility testing - guidance updated 2021/05/30
Meropenem MIC distributions reviewed All meropenem MIC distributions and ECOFFs reviewed. 2021/05/15
MIC and inhibition zone diameter database is being curated To date, aminoglycosides, P. multocida, M. hemolytica, Staph. pseudintermedius, Staph. hyicus have been curated. More agents and species to follow. 2021/05/12
Daptomycin rationale document v 2.0 uploaded 2021/05/12
Will adding Ca++ to Muller Hinton medium improve the detection of colistin resistance Publication in CMI 2021/05/04
Erratum in the breakpoint table v 11.0 Erratum in the Staphylococcus spp tab (fluroquinolone section): Footnote C should read: Isolates categorised as susceptible to norfloxacin can be reported susceptible (S) to moxifloxacin and "susceptible increased exposure" (I) to ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin. Isolates non-wild type to norfloxacin should be tested for susceptibility to individual agents. 2021/03/11
New and updated Rational Documents published Ten new or updated Rationale Documents were published (and stamped in the list with) 2021-02-08. 2021/02/08
Online seminars - new subjects EUCAST is looking for input from users on which titles for online seminars to concentrate on during 2021. 2021/02/03
RAST breakpoint tables updated 2020/12/30
QC tables updated 2020/12/30
Updated EUCAST disk diffusion manuals 2020/12/30
Updated broth microdilution reading guideline 2020/12/30
Updated breakpoint tables 2021 2020/12/30
Comments and responses to consultation of breakpoint table v 11.0 The 2021 version 11.0 breakpoint table was open for comments 4 December - 18 December, 2020. Comments and EUCAST responses now published. 2020/12/19
EUCAST AFST method on BMD of dermatophytes available,RGPgHunp 2020/12/19
Cefiderocol broth microdilution MIC testing Cefiderocol broth microdilution MIC determination - guidance. 2020/12/17
Publications from the EUCAST Subcommittee on antimycobacterial susceptibility testing online 2020/12/17
Comments and EUCAST responses to several consultations There were comments (and now EUCAST response) to consultations on fosfomycin, piperacillin-tazobactam, Achromobacter, Bacillus spp breakpoints 2020/12/15
Two laboratories added to the AFST network of laboratories 2020/12/09
Breakpoint table v 11.0 posted for consultation 4 Dec - 18 Dec, 2020. This table, with relevant changes following consultation, will become the 2021 breakpoint table for bacteria from EUCAST (1 January, 2021). Please address comments to erika.matuschek[at] 2020/12/04
EUCAST zoomseminars Several EUCAST online seminars are offered on the homepage of EUCAST 2020/11/28
EUCAST Maps updated with two new countries 2020/11/25
New software for the display of MIC andzone diameter distributions The EUCAST MIC and zone diameter distribution software, originally created in 2003, for displaying distributions of MIC-values (generated with methods calibrated to broth microdilution or agar dilution) and inhibition zone diameters (generated with EUCAST disk diffusion methodology) has been re-programmed and re-launched 24 November, 2020. Each graph is shown in two versions where one is constructed by adding all approved distributions and the other by adding weighted distributions. The later is generated through converting numbers to per cent before adding individual distributions. This prevents large distributions from dominating or even "obliterating" smaller distributions and allows all distributions equal weight. During 2021 distributions are curated in accordance with EUCAST SOP10.1 and all values gradually reviewed. 2020/11/24
EUCAST maps updated The maps showing EUCAST uptake were updated. 2020/11/05
Fosfomycin breakpoint revision Consultation on changing breakpoints 2020/11/02
Flurorquinolone breakpoint adjustments to Campylobacter, Corynebacteria and Bacillus - consultation 12 - 31 October, 2020. 2020/10/12
Achromobacter xylosoxidans - method and breakpoints proposed. 2020/10/05
EUCAST referenc e for BMD of M.tuberculosis complex 2020/09/04
General consultation on revised meningitis breakpoints EUCAST has reviewed and in some instances proposed a revision of breakpoints used for bacteria causing meningitis. The consultation is open until 16 October, 2020. 2020/08/31
B. pseudomallei MIC and zone diameter correlates published Methods, breakpoints and calibration of MIC vs. zone diameters published. 2020/08/29
Proposed breakpoints for Bacillus spp. EUCAST breakpoints for Bacillus spp (except B. anthracis) - consultation 25 August - 25 September, 2020. 2020/08/25
Clinical trial of blood culture RAST in 55 laboratories published 2020/08/14
SOP 8 updated 2020/07/30
SOP 3,4, 7 and 8 updated 2020/07/30
General consultation on proposed changes to piperacillin-tazobactam breakpoints 2020/07/17
Consultation on proposed bacterial meningitis breakpoints 2020/07/17
Oral cephalosporins and Enterobacterales breakpoints - updated guidance document. 2020/07/14
SOP 9.2 and SOP 11.0 published EUCAST SOP 9.2 revised and SOP 11.0 published. 2020/07/13