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20 Feb 2015
MIC vs zone diameters - files updated 2015-02-20.

All EUCAST files exhibiting MIC vs. zone diameters updated. [...]

26 Jan 2015
EUCAST methodology documents updated

The EUCAST disk diffusion manual and slide show have been revised and[...]

18 Jan 2015
EUCAST in Eurosurveillance 2015

Widespread implementation of EUCAST breakpoints for antibacterial[...]

11 Jan 2015
QC table v 5.0 (2014-01-11) published

An updated QC table (v 5.0) published on 2014-01-11. 

all QC strains[...]

01 Jan 2015
Breakpoint table v 5.0 2015 published

The finalised Breakpoint table v 5.0 is now available on the EUCAST[...]

09 Dec 2014
VetCAST - the veterinary committee on antimicrobial susceptibility testing

VetCAST is a EUCAST subcommittee dealing with all aspects of antimicrobial[...]

05 Dec 2014
Preliminary 2015 (v.5.0) breakpoint table for consultation

The EUCAST Clinical Breakpoint Table v 5.0 (2015) is now[...]

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