About Newsfeeds

About Newsfeeds


What is a Newsfeed?

A eucast.org newsfeed keeps you regularly updated about news on the website. Newsfeeds are automatically broadcasted on your computer without you visiting the website. Newsfeeds contain a summary of the latest content including links which directly lead you to respective information on the website.


How do I use a Newsfeed?

To subscribe and to read a newsfeed you need to install a feed-reader on your computer, alternatively you can copy the link in the feed reader of your browser or email clients.


Internet Explorer

Subscribing to Feeds by using the Internet Explorer via tab: Click on the RSS-Feed symbol (active with RSS-Feed offer of website) and you will get the opportunity to subscribe to a Feed.  Summaries of all Feeds are listed separately (Note: only if website offers RSS-Feeds). The particular Feed can now be selected by the user. After clicking on “Subscribe to Feed” under “Feeds” in the dialogue-window, latest Feeds are directly pushed to “Add to favourites”. All necessary Feeds are listed there and new Feeds are always listed this way.


Handling of Feeds in Firefox is simple as a complete RSS-Reader is included in this browser. In the address-bar of the browser you can see if a website offers RSS-Feeds. If you click on the RSS-Logo a summary appears in which all Feeds are listed. There are different display-options for Feeds after selection:

  • Directly opening RSS-Feeds as “dynamic bookmarks” allows you to open Feeds in your browser.
  • Make use of an external RSS-Reader.
  • Use services such as “Bloglines”, “MyYahoo”, “Google-Reader”.

The Firefox extension “Sage” offers more opportunities for individual administration of RSS-Feeds

Mail clients and readers

Mail clients such as “Thunderbird” or “Outlook” are able to retrieve and to also edit RSS-News. Alternatively there are particular RSS-Readers which help you to manage RSS-Feeds according to your personal preferences.


The integrated RSS-Reader function allows setting of RSS subscriptions. In the menu bar you can set a new RSS account in »Data| New | Account«. Choose “Subscribe to Feed” with the right mouse button on the respective new account. In the following dialogue window click on “add”. You can then add the XML data as Feed address, and confirm with “Ok”. All Feed information is summarized like emails.



Outlook offers an integrated RSS-Reader (Version 2007 and higher). Older versions of this software use the RSS Popper-Plug-In. Install the software and start Outlook. Select “Edit Feeds” in the ”RSS-Popper“-menu bar. Click on “New” to apply a new Feed.  Type in the RSS address in the top link bar and confirm “Get from Feed” and all open windows with “Ok”. You will receive all news from this particular RSS-Feed.

Reader: RSSOwl

This collects and provides news to user from different sources. The list of websites is expandable. URLs of websites that offer RSS-Data have to be typed in the RSS-Newsreader.