The EUCAST Ad hoc Subcommittee on Phage susceptibility testing

Frederic Laurent is the chair and membership is complete with representatives from France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, Belgium, Portugal, UK, Poland, Italy, Serbia, Latvia, Australia, Canada and the US. 


During the contract period the following WGS subcommittee meetings took place:


  • July 11th 2023 Scientific Steering Committee by videoconference
  • September 9th 2023 Scientific Steering committee by videoconference
  • April 28th ESCMID -Global 2024- Meeting of the General committee on Sunday 28 April Face to face
  • June 24th 2024 planned Steering Committee Meeting by videoconference.


The subcommittee remit is to review current progress of phage therapy and establish if a reliable susceptibility testing method can be developed.