Rationale documents and publications

Rationale Documents from EUCAST

The EUCAST Rationale Documents currently available are listed below. Rationale documents for antifungal agents are listed elsewhere, see "Antifungal rationale documents".  


A template for companies aiming to create a comprehensive rationale document for new agents or for existing agents where a breakpoint change is proposed, is available at Template for producing a Rationale Document (26 June 2014). The template is under revision 2024. 


When there are discrepancies between RDs and EUCAST breakpoint Tables or dosing recommendations, always refer to the current version of the breakpoint table. 


2024: Rationale Documents (RD) are currently under review and a new format has been agreed. RDs will be available in two sections below - section one for updated RDs, section two for RDs in line for update. As RDs are updated to the new format, old versions will be archived and not immediately available but can be obtained from the webmaster on request. Former scientific secretary John Turnidge is updating RDs to new formats. 


Rationale documents pertaining to antifungal agents are published on the AFST website.


Rationale documents pertaining to veterinary agents and issues are published on the VetCAST website.


Section 1 - RDs updated and converted to new format (alphabetical order)



Section 2 - RDs waiting to be updated and converted to new format and archived older versions (without active links)



Archived RDs, not immediately available from the list, can be obtained from the webmaster.