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Online seminars

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Online seminars


  1. General EUCAST update, 11 November, 2020: powerpoint presentation
  2. The "new I" (Susceptible, increased exposure), 20 November, 2020: powerpoint presentation.
  3. The Area of Technical Uncertainty (ATU), 30 November, 2020: powerpoint presentation.  
  4. EUCAST reference MIC and zone diameter distributions and ECOFFs, 7 December, 2020: powerpoint presentation. 
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (Erika Matuschek) and How to use ECOFFinder (John Turnidge) - 21 April, 2021. A recording of the seminar is available on the EUCAST Youtube channel.  
  6. The EUCAST breakpoint table v 12.0
  7. Disk diffusion of anaerobic bacteria - online seminar 9 Dec 2021 (the seminar is just over 1 hour long): powerpoint presentation file.


Upcoming seminars


  1. The EUCAST website - how to get the full value. Date to be determined.
  2. Rapid AST directly from positive blood culture bottles. Date to be determined.
  3. Disease specific breakpoints - how to handle these in the laboratory and in reports. Date to be determined.
  4. The accuracy and reproducibility of AST results. Date to be determined.