Latest Changes

Title Description Major Minor Date
Antimycobacterial susceptibility testing - preparation of inoculum and the performance of CFU counts - new guidance document 2023/01/22
Guidance on how to implement revised aminopenicillin breakpoints (2023) in laboratory practice. 2023/01/14
Updated documents on disk diffusion methods 2023/01/02
Comments and responses to consultations on chloramphenicol, meningitis breakpoints and on S.aureus vs. cephalosporins, added. 2022/12/31
Aminopenicillin breakpoint consultation. Comments and EUCAST response to the 2022 consultation on aminopenicillin breakpoint changes are uploaded. 2022/12/20
FAA-HB medium for disk diffusion of anaerobe bacteria A warning to ascertain the quality of FAA-HB medium recommended for disk diffusion of anaerobic bacteria was posted. 2022/12/10
List of consultations amended 2022/12/02
Corynebacterium diphtheriae and C. ulcerans consultations - comments and response. 2022/12/02
Information added on the NAC of Montenegro A brief introduction to the NAC of Montenegro was added. 2022/12/02
VIPcheck Warning 2022/10/29
Breakpoints and methods for Corynebacterium diphtheriae and C. ulcerans published. 2022/10/27
EUCAST uptake maps - Ukraine updated The uptake of EUCAST in Ukraine has been updated. 2022/08/25
Updated Warning on cefiderocol AST 2022/08/16
Several SOPs update (SOP 3, 4, 7, 8 Regular reviews and updates of SOP 2022/07/24
Tigecycline rationale and guidance documents were revised. The rationale doc ument is found following the link. The guidance on tigecycline dosing is among guidance documents.( 2022/07/21
Public consultation on revised chloramphenicol breakpoints Consultation period: 20 July - 11 September, 2022. 2022/07/20
Consultation on breakpoints for C. diphtheriae and C. ulcerans. Consultation is open 9 July - 11 September, 2022. 2022/07/09
Cefiderocol susceptibility testing A warning related to susceptibility testing of cefiderocol is issued. 2022/06/29
Screening for azole and echinocandin resistance Screening for azole and echinocandin resistance exemplified in Aspergillus 2022/06/22
Updated guidance document on "To detect and exclude resistance using phenotypic methods" For tetracycline to predict susceptibility and resistance for doxycycline, Campylobacter spp and Pasteurella multocida were added. 2022/06/13
Difficulties with ordering QC strain DSM 25589 from Germany have now been solved. 2022/06/09
Consultation on fosfomycin iv EUCAST posted a general consultation on revised breakpoints for intravenous fosfomycin. Consultation period 14 May - 15 June, 2022. Revised breakpoints will be published in breakpoint table 2023. 2022/05/14
Website statistics updated 2022/05/02
RAST - breakpoint error corrected in RAST tables 2022/05/02
Guidance note on topical agents revised 2022/04/12
All RAST documents updated All RAST documents were updated to include the validation of incubation beyond 8h (16-20h) 2022/04/12
Cefiderocol - rationale document updated. 2022/04/12
Updated broth microdilution of moulds document A new version of the Broth microdilution of moulds​​​​​​​ (version 9.4 to replace 9.3) published 1 April, 2022. 2022/04/01
The Enterobacterales calibration (MIC vs. Zone diameter) file update - temocillin included 2022/02/28
EUCAST/CCUG panel of P. aeruginosa strains available Nine phenotypically and genetically well characterized P. aeruginosa made available through EUCAST/CCUG. 2022/01/31
Antifungal agents breakpoints and ECOFFs - update 2022/01/18
Updated MIC vs. zone diameters calibration files. With changes in the breakpoint table v 12.0 and the adding of disk diffusion criteria for anaerobic bacterial and for Vibrio spp, the calibration files showing the relationship between MIC and inhibition zone diameters​​​​​​​ need updating. These are now available (Vibrio spp to follow).  2022/01/15
Delafloxacin ECOFFs and TECOFFs published Delafloxacin wild type distributions have been reviewed and ECOFFs and TECOFFs determined based on the methodology in EUCAST SOP 10.2. 2022/01/07
Intrinsic resistance and unusual phenotypes v 3.3 errata A few errors were discovered in the version 3.3 which are now corrected. 2021/12/30
Breakpoint tables v 12.0 (2022) and dosages published 2021/12/28
RAST breakpoint and QC updates published Rapid AST directly from positive blood culture bottles: breakpoints and QC updated to match the regular EUCAST breakpoints 2021/12/28
Disk diffusion methodology and criteria for interpretation now published. For breakpoints - go to the breakpoint table v 12.0 2021/12/28
Setting breakpoints for agent-inhibitor combinations Guidance document from 2017 updated. 2021/12/14
Recording of online seminar on disk diffusion of anaerobic bacteria posted 2021/12/09
Breakpoint table 12.0 on consultation 3 - 20 December 2021/12/03
Breakpoints in brackets - a guidance document EUCAST introduced breakpoints in brackets. A guidance document describes how these should be interpreted and reported. 2021/12/02
Several SOPs updated 2 December 2021 SOPs 1.4, 2.4, 5.3 and 10.2 updated 2021/12/02
Consultation on aminopenicillin breakpoints for Enterobacterales 2021/11/30
Website statistics updated Unique downloads and page views statistics updated. 2021/11/13
Itraconazole RD updated Itraconazole rationale document updated 2021/11/04
Colistin breakpoints for consultation 2021/10/06
EUCAST general consultation on breakpoints for anaerobic bacteria EUCAST is consulting (4 October - 15 November) on revised clinical breakpoints for anaerobic bacteria. 2021/10/04
General consultation on clinical breakpoints for Vibrio species Consultation period 1 October - 15 November 2021/10/01
EUCAST seminar on AST of anaerobes A EUCAST online seminar is offered Thu 9 December, 2021, in preparation for introducing disk diffusion for anaerobic bacteria. 2021/09/22
Disk diffusion of anaerobic bacteria Three months ahead of releasing breakpoints and disk diffusion correlates EUCAST publishes the methodology, the QC criteria and a disk diffusion reading guide. 2021/09/20