Latest Changes

Title Description Major Minor Date
Aztreonam-avibactam and cefepime-enmetazobactam breakpoints available Breakpoints published as addenda to the regular breakpoint table 14.0, 2024. 2024/05/22
The Belgian NAC presented The Belgian NAC (National AST Committee) is presented. 2024/05/18
New consultations New consultation published. 2024/05/07
EUCAST advice on the development of reference methods for MIC testing of new agents The development of new agents require agreement and acceptance of the data generated in support of decisions on clinical breakpoints, wild type MIC distributions, ECOFFs and routine susceptibility testing correlates. EUCAST and CLSI both favour the unadulterated use of ISO recommended reference broth microdilution for this purpose, and only occasionally is there good reason to deviate from this. When this is considered necessary it is strongly adviced that this is with the agreement and full understanding of standards committees and agencies, such as CLSI, EUCAST, FDA and EMA.   2024/04/24
When there are no breakpoints - revised 29 February 2024 2024/02/29
Advising pharmaceutical industry The advice to pharmaceutical industry has been further developed. Go to the "Information for industry" page. 2024/02/14
Rezafungin Rationale Document published 2024/02/11
Updated guidance on ATU 2024/02/08
Revised "EUCAST response to the fosfomycin consultation" Because of a printing error in this document a new version was uploaded. 2024/02/06
ECCMID 2023 EUCAST posters available 2024/01/10
Maps updated for 2024 EUCAST uptake 2024/01/10
Graphs to illustrate ATUs updated 2024 EUCAST provides a yearly update of the ATUs in relation to zone diameter and MIC distributions. The 2024 update now available. 2024/01/09
Files demonstrating the correlation between MIC and zone diameters now updated 2024/01/09
Several Rationale Documents updated 2024/01/05
The 2024 EUCAST breakpoint table available for consultation The period for consultation is 5 - 19 December, 2024. Comments and questions should be addressed to erika.matuschek[at] or gunnar.kahlmeter[at]  2023/12/05
Fosfomycin - response to consultation and guidance on IV use 2023/12/05
New fosfomycin IV rationale document published 2023/11/23
Comments and responses to consultations Comments and EUCAST responses​​​​​​​ to the open consultations on Brucella melitensis and Bacillus anthracis proposed breakpoints and methods are now published. 2023/11/21
VetCast rationale documents for general consultation. Rationale documents on the use of amoxicillin-clavulanic acid and benzylpenicillin in dogs and horses available for consultation (comments no later than 8 January, 2024) 2023/11/15
RAST breakpoints for proplonged incubation published in JAC The breakpoints for follow-up incubation, beyond 8h, were recently published on the EUCAST website. An update is now also available in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2023/10/30
Updated document from AFST Updated document from AFST "Method for the determination of broth dilution minimum inhibitory concentrations of antifungal agents for yeasts" (Edef 7.4, 13 October, 2023). 2023/10/13
Updated website statistics 2023/10/05
SOP 12 and 13 published Two SOPs related to the determination of appropriate disk content (potency) and Muller-Hinton agar quality published 2023/09/21
Updated guidance from the EUCAST AFST subcommittee Updated breakpoints and ECOFFs and QC-tables 2023/08/14
Thermo Fisher Scientific Sensititre broth external contamination. Visit the Warnings page to read the full warning. 2023/08/01
Public consultation on IV Fosfomycin published The consultation period is 12 July - 12 September, 2023. 2023/07/12
A revised version of the guidance on "What to do when there are no breakpoints" published 2023/06/30
New version of breakpoint tables because of added agents to the table for anaerobic bacteria The breakpoint tables have been updated from 13.0 (1 Jan, 2023) to 13.1 (29 June, 2023). This allows the AST of several additional agents for anaerobic bacteria. There is a matching update of QC tables. 2023/06/29
Updated QC tables QC tables were updated to match several breakpoints for agents added for anaerobic bacteria. 2023/06/29
The EUCAST FAQ updated EUCAST updates a document listing frequently asked questions. The file was updated 2023-06-14 2023/06/14
Updates to RAST breakpoints 2023/06/07
Additional agents in EUCAST RAST Breakpoints for several agents have been added to the RAST tables. Breakpoint and QC tables, methodology documents and calibration files have all been updated. 2023/04/25
Zone diameter distributions re-calibrated A new algorithm and software has been created through which wild type inhibition zone diameter distributions can be calculated and ECOFFs allocated. 2023/04/25
General committee meetings 2022 and 2023 The EUCAST annual General Committee meeting is open to anyone attending ECCMID. Minutes will eventually be posted. Minutes from the 2022 committee meeting in Lisbon 2022 are available. EUCAST Annual General Committee Meeting, during ECCMID 2023 Monday 17 April, 9.30 – 10.30 am, Meeting Room: Room 173, Bella Sky Hotel. 2023/04/08
QC-tables updated 13 March, 2023 The EUCAST QC tables have been updated and now contain new MIC ranges for S. aureus ATCC 29213 and S. pneumoniae ATCC 49619 (ampicillin, amoxicillin, amoxicillin-clavulanic acid, chlortetracycline and oxytetracycline). 2023/03/13
EUCAST uptake and maps of NACs updated for 2023 2023/03/08
Vibrio spp. calibration file (MIC vs. disk diffusion) made available 2023/02/24
Files demonstrating correlation between MIC and zone diameters updated. 2023/02/20
EUCAST and the IVDR EUCAST has prepared a statement in response to questions related to how the IVDR will affect users of EUCAST methods and guidance. The statement and a link to the directive are available at the EUCAST webpage. Translations to French and German are underway. 2023/02/17
Consultation: added agents for anaerobic bacteria 2023/02/10
Fosofomycin consultation - EUCAST response 2023/02/08
Guidance on cefotaxime and ceftriaxone in S. aureus 2023/02/08
EUCAST website statistics updated The statistics on the number of visits, views and downloads for the EUCAST website have been updated. 2023/02/06
Expert rules and Expected resistant phenotypes Updated documents January 2023. 2023/02/05
Revised Expert Rules document for Staphylococcus spp uploaded 2023/02/01
Antimycobacterial susceptibility testing - preparation of inoculum and the performance of CFU counts - new guidance document 2023/01/22
Guidance on how to implement revised aminopenicillin breakpoints (2023) in laboratory practice. 2023/01/14
Updated documents on disk diffusion methods 2023/01/02
Comments and responses to consultations on chloramphenicol, meningitis breakpoints and on S.aureus vs. cephalosporins, added. 2022/12/31
Aminopenicillin breakpoint consultation. Comments and EUCAST response to the 2022 consultation on aminopenicillin breakpoint changes are uploaded. 2022/12/20