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EUCAST panel S. pneumoniae and betalactam agents

The panel consists of 10 strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae with reference MIC values (mg/L) representing varying levels of susceptibility to beta-lactam agents, from wild type isolates to highly resistant. The 10 strains are selected, tested and quality controlled before and after freeze drying by the EUCAST Development Laboratory. The freeze dried material is prepared by and available from CCUG (Culture Collection at University of Gothenburg, Sweden).

Listed MICs represent consensus MICs from 6 repeated tests using broth microdilution according to ISO 20776-1 on freeze-dried panels using MH-F broth (Mueller-Hinton broth with 5% lysed horse blood and 20 mg/L β-NAD).

This collection can be used together with S. pneumoniae ATCC 49619 to evaluate MIC methods for S. pneumoniae


MICs should, irrespective of method used, comply with the consensus MICs, either being identical or with a value which is within ±1 dilution of the reference. Some degree of random variation is accepted whereas systematic deviation (i.e. MICs for a specific agent or several agents being systematically lower or higher than consensus MICs) should be further investigated, even if MICs are within ± 1 dilution of consensus MICs.


The EUCAST/CCUG collection is procured under the same rules as for other type culture collection strains.

  • EUCAST/CCUG panel of S.pneumoniae (link available June 2020)
  • Intended results for betalactam agents and description of panel (link available June 2020)