Steering Committee

The ESCMID-appointed Steering Committee consists of the Chairman, the Scientific Secretary, the Clinical Data Co-ordinator, the Technical Data Co-ordinator, a representative from each of the European national breakpoint committees and two representatives from the EUCAST general committee. Proposals, draft documents and tentative decisions are submitted for consultation to the General Committee, external expert groups and an email distribution list of pharmaceutical and susceptibility testing device manufacturing industries.




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Chairman (2016 -)
Christian Giske, Sweden 

Scientific Secretary (2016 - )
John Turnidge, Australia

Clinical Data Co-ordinator (2016 -)
Rafael Canton, Spain

Technical Data Co-ordinator and Webmaster (2016 -)
Gunnar Kahlmeter

PK/PD experts (2019-)
Joseph Meletiadis, Shampa Das Smith


BSAC (The United Kingdom):
Alasdair MacGowan; Robin Howe 

CA-SFM (France):
Gerard Lina, Francois Jehl

German NAC (Germany)
Sören Gatermann

NWGA (Norway):
Christoffer Lindemann

SRGA (Sweden)
Christian Giske

EUCAST General Committee Representative 1 (Brazil, 2020-2022):
Jorge Sampaio

EUCAST General Committee Representative 2 (Italy, 2020-2022):

Gianni Rossolini


Following applications from three countries 2020, ESCMID decided to appoint Brazil (previously not represented on the SC) and Italy (previously on the SC 2006 - 2007) the two seats on the EUCAST Steering Committee for the period 2020 - 2021, prolonged to 2022 because of the Covid pandemic.

We wish to always remember our two colleagues and friends friends who are no longer with us:

1. Johan Mouton. Since the very beginning, Johan Mouton, was important to EUCAST in that he was an ardent supporter of European harmonisation and of bringing PKPD to bear on breakpoint setting. Johan died in the evening of Tuesday 9 July, 2019 .The Steering Committee meeting 8 - 9 of July was the only meeting since 2002 to which Johan could not travel.  We shall miss Johan for his courage and his passion for getting it right! Some of our memories of Johan are on the ESCMID website.

2. Martin Steinbakk, former EUCAST Steering Committee member, sadly died Monday 11 April, 2022. Martin chaired the Norwegain Committee breakpoint committee (NWGA) for many years and was in 2001 one of the original members of the EUCAST Steering Committee. He then represented the Norwegian committee and we learnt to appreciate his experience in susceptibility testing, his quite humour and his sonorous voice. We worked with Martin for many years and and now our thoughts are with his wife, children, grandchildren and friends. 

All previous Steering Committee members and positions are listed here.


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EUCAST Steering Committee at ECCMID 2014
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