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Online seminars

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Online seminars

  1. General EUCAST update, 11 November, 2020. The powerpoint presentation
  2. The "new I" (Susceptible, increased exposure), 20 November, 2020. The powerpoint presentation.
  3. The Area of Technical Uncertainty (ATU), 30 November, 2020. The powerpoint presentation.  
  4. EUCAST reference MIC and zone diameter distributions and ECOFFs, 7 December, 2020. The powerpoint presentation. 
  5. The EUCAST breakpoint table v 11.0 (2021) - what is new and how to find it, 16 December, 2020. 
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (Erika Matuschek) and How to use ECOFFinder (John Turnidge) - 21 April, 2021. 
    A recording of the seminar is available here or on EUCAST Youtube here.  
  7. The EUCAST breakpoint table v 12.0
  8. Disk diffusion of anaerobic bacteria - online seminar 9 Dec 2021 (the seminar is just over 1 hour long). 
    The presentation file used in the seminar is here.

Upcoming seminars, 2022

  1. The EUCAST website - how to get the full value. Date to be determined.
  2. Rapid AST directly from positive blood culture bottles. Date to be determined.
  3. Disease specific breakpoints - how to handle these in the laboratory and in reports. Date to be determined.
  4. The accuracy and reproducibility of AST results. Date to be determined.