Latest Changes

Title Description Major Minor Date
Flurorquinolone breakpoint adjustments to Campylobacter, Corynebacteria and Bacillus - consultation 12 - 31 October, 2020. 2020/10/12
Achromobacter xylosoxidans - method and breakpoints proposed. 2020/10/05
EUCAST referenc e for BMD of M.tuberculosis complex 2020/09/04
General consultation on revised meningitis breakpoints EUCAST has reviewed and in some instances proposed a revision of breakpoints used for bacteria causing meningitis. The consultation is open until 16 October, 2020. 2020/08/31
B. pseudomallei MIC and zone diameter correlates published Methods, breakpoints and calibration of MIC vs. zone diameters published. 2020/08/29
Proposed breakpoints for Bacillus spp. EUCAST breakpoints for Bacillus spp (except B. anthracis) - consultation 25 August - 25 September, 2020. 2020/08/25
Clinical trial of blood culture RAST in 55 laboratories published 2020/08/14
SOP 8 updated 2020/07/30
SOP 3,4, 7 and 8 updated 2020/07/30
General consultation on proposed changes to piperacillin-tazobactam breakpoints 2020/07/17
Consultation on proposed bacterial meningitis breakpoints 2020/07/17
Oral cephalosporins and Enterobacterales breakpoints - updated guidance document. 2020/07/14
SOP 9.2 and SOP 11.0 published EUCAST SOP 9.2 revised and SOP 11.0 published. 2020/07/13
Ceftolozane-tazobactam zone diameter breakpoints for H. influenzae available 2020/06/16
S.pneumoniae - panel of 10 strains with reference MICs available EUCAST and CCUG in collaboration have made a panel of 10 strains with reference MICs available. Strains were selected on the basis of the varying susceptibility to betalactam agents. 2020/06/04
Ceftolozane-tazobactam rationale document published 2020/05/15
EUCAST 2019 - 20. The chairmanĀ“s report. The EUCAST General Committee meeting at ECCMID 2020 was cancelled due to COVID19. The EUCAST Steering Committee and subcommittees have, under the heading of the traditional ChairmanĀ“s report, summarised the last 12 months of activity. 2020/05/04
Cefiderocol breakpoints and AST methods Addendum to the EUCAST breakpoint table v 10.0: Cefiderocol breakpoints and AST methods (30 April, 2020) 2020/04/30
Rationale documents for amikacin, gentamicin and tobramycin updated 2020/04/30
EUCAST position paper on daptomycin in Enterococcal blood stream infections and endocarditis. Daptomycin in the treatment of enterococcal bloodstream infections and endocarditis: a EUCAST position paper Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 2020. 2020/04/28
Warnings against gradient tests for piperacillin-tazobactam removed 2020/04/24
Aminoglycoside guidance document updated The guidance document on aminoglycoside dosing, first published 21 Jan, 2020, was updated 24 April, 2020. 2020/04/24
Temocillin breakpoints published 2020/04/21
Temocillin rationale document published 2020/04/21
RAST breakpoint table v 2.1 (as a substitute for 2.0) published Because of an error in the tab E. faecalis, a corrected version 2.1 is published. The only change is in the E.F faecalis tab. 2020/04/20
Aminoglycoside MIC distributions and ECOFFs reviewed in accordance with SOP 10.1 2020/04/12
EUCAST instruction videos with Romanian subtitles 2020/04/07
Daptomycin and temocillin MIC data and ECOFFs reviewed 2020/04/06
EUCAST advice on intrinsic resistance and unusual phenotypes updated. 2020/03/03
EUCAST broth microdilution reading guide updated EUCAST broth microdilution reading guide updated to version 2.0 with specific reading instructions for Gram-negative organisms with tigecycline and eravacycline added. 2020/03/02
Quality of 21 brands of commercially available MH powders EUCAST has evaluated the quality of 21 Mueller Hinton powders, all commercially available. Several media performed well together with EUCAST criteria whereas others performed poorly. 2020/02/29
AFST - updated breakpoint tables 2020/02/25
AFST QC tables updated 2020/02/25
Rationale documents for antifungal agents updated 2020/02/17
Update: Breakpoint tables for Rapid AST directly from blood culture bottles 2020/02/10
RAST from blood culture bottles published 2020/02/05
New version of the ECOFFinder program available 2020/01/26
Guidance on the implementation and use of the 2020 revised aminoglycoside breakpoints (Jan 21, 2020) 2020/01/21
EUCAST/CLSI joint working group recommendations on the determination of appropriate disk content Consultation document with comments and responses published 2020/01/10
Guidance on Topical agents Revised guidance not on breakpoints for topical agents (valid from the 1 January, 2020) 2019/12/31
VetCast update on Steering Committee information 2019/12/30
EUCAST 2020 breakpoint tables available 2019/12/20
Updated guidance on methodological documents (disk testing, reading guide, media preparation) 2019/12/20
Consultation on ceftolozane-tazobactam concluded. Comments and EUCAST response released. 2019/12/13
EUCAST respons to comments during the temocillin consultation 2019/12/09
EUCAST Breakpoint table v 10.0 for consultation 2019/12/06
SOPs updated SOPs 1, 2, 5, 6 and 10 updated. 2019/12/04
Frequently Asked Questions - Mycobacteria A file with questions and answers was added 2019/11/27
ECOFFs for ceftolozane and ceftolozane-tazobactam added. 2019/11/25
Updated warnings Updated warnings and a new warning against the use of gradient tests for benzylpenicillin in S. pneumoniae issued. 2019/11/21