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29 Dec 2017
VetCAST Newsletter Dec 2017

VetCAST Newsletter published on VetCAST homepage.

19 Dec 2017
Voriconazole RD on Candida v 3.0 (update)

The updated voriconazole candida rationale document v 3.0 published 19 Dec

08 Dec 2017
General consultation (deadline 18 Dec, 2017) on Breakpoint tables v 8.0

Breakpoint tables v8.0 - Consultation deadline 18 December, 2017. The

28 Nov 2017
General consultation on voriconazole breakpoints

General consultation on proposed changes to voriconazole breakpoints.

23 Nov 2017
Warning on disk quality modified

Follow-up studies have been performed and the results from autumn 2017

17 Nov 2017
EUCAST SOP 10.0 MIC distributions and the setting of epidemiological cut-off (ECOFF) values.

The EUCAST SOP on MIC distributions and the setting of ECOFFs have been

19 Oct 2017
Consultation on Moraxella breakpoints

EUCAST proposes to lower fluoroquinolone breakpoints for Moraxella

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