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26 Dec 2018
Breakpoints are based on exposure at the site of infection.

EUCAST breakpoints are based on and related to exposure, dose, dosing

23 Dec 2018
EUCAST Breakpoints v 9.0 (2019) available

The EUCAST breakpoint tables v 9.0 (2019) and a separate file on dosing

23 Dec 2018
Guidance document - tigecycline dosing

Guidance to tigecycline dosing - in relation to modified ticeycline

21 Dec 2018
Guidance to laboratories on ATU

The Area of Technical Uncertainty (ATU) in susceptibility testing is

13 Dec 2018
Warning on the azole resistance screening plate from VipCheck

Variable performance of the itraconazole agar in the azole resistance

30 Nov 2018
Consultation EUCAST Breakpoint table v 9.0

The EUCAST 2019 Breakpoint table is now available for general

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