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21 Apr 2020
Temocillin breakpoints and Rationale document added

Temocillin breakpoints and rationale document is added following a final

20 Apr 2020
Corrected RAST table 2.1 published

Because of an error in the E. faecalis tab a corrected table was published

18 Apr 2020
EUCAST panels of phenotypically defined strains

During 2020, EUCAST in collaboration with CCUG (the Culture

12 Apr 2020
Aminoglycoside MICs and ECOFFs reviewed

Aminoglycoside (amikacin, gentamicin, tobramycin) MIC distributions and

07 Apr 2020
EUCAST instruction videos - Romanian subtitles

Videos with Romanian subtitles

06 Apr 2020
Temocillin and daptomycin MIC distributions and ECOFFs reviewed

All MIC-data (including several new distributions) for temocillin and

03 Mar 2020
EUCAST intrinsic resistance and unusual phenotypes update!

The EUCAST guidance on intrinsic resistance and unusual phenotypes has

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