31 Jan 2021

EUCAST news January 2021

There is only little news from EUCAST January 2021.

The next EUCAST Steering Committee meeting is on February 1 - 3. Again via video links.

Several users of EUCAST breakpoint tables have asked how to translate dosages (Tab Dosage) based on adult administration to pediatric clinical situations - EUCAST and ESPID (the European Society for Pediatric Infections) have just agreed to investigate the possibilities of "translating" the EUCAST dosage tab to the field of pediatrics. 

During 2021 we are aiming to finalise the development of

  1. disk diffusion of anaerobic bacteria
  2. breakpoints and disk diffusion of Nocardia spp
  3. breakpoints and disk diffusion of several Vibrio species
  4. background data needed to discuss clinical breakpoints and methods for AST in Corynebacterium diphteriae and Corynebacterium ulcerans.
  5. disk diffusion for meropenem-vaborbactam
  6. extended incubation (beyond 8 hours) of RAST disk diffusion.

The above mentioned projects are all in various phases of completion and we aim to finalise all to be included in the 2022 breakpoint table.