Consultation on proposed changes in the 2024 (v 14.0) breakpoint table

In preparation for next year´s table (EUCAST Breakpoint Table 14.0, 2024), EUCAST aims to institute several changes as listed below. Each change is minor but may still have unforeseen consequences in individual laboratories. If you foresee a problem, we would like to know about it. Use the form on the consultation web-page.

  1. Changing the current breakpoint for S. aureus and ciprofloxacin is 0.001/1 mg/L to (0.001/2 mg/L).
  2. Fidaxomicin vs. Clostridioides difficile: EUCAST intends to add fidaxomicin breakpoints 0.5 / 0.5 mg/L to table 14.0.
  3. Change the benzylpenicillin breakpoint for “other Corynebacteria” so that all Corynebacterium spp share the C. diphtheriae and C. ulcerans penicillin breakpoint of 0.001/1 mg/L.
  4. Removing the PK/PD tab from the breakpoint table
  5. Imipenem-relebactam vs. Acinetobacter spp. - removing breakpoints and adding a comment
  6. The activity of trimethoprim against Streptococcus agalactiae in urine is controversial (compare with trimethoprim vs. Enterococcus spp) - remove or keep breakpoints.

See the full consultation document here.