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24 Jul 2023
Updated statistics on the use of EUCAST websites

At regular intervals the EUCAST/ESCMID provider of web services reports on the use of EUCAST websites. The number of visits to www.eucast.orgis now 60 000 - 80 000 per month. The number of unique page views are 140...[more]

19 Jul 2023
Towards breakpoints for atypical mycobacteria

A publication on breakpoints for atypical mycobacteria from the EUCAST subcommittee on mycobacteria. [more]

12 Jul 2023
EUCAST public consultation on breakpoints for intravenous use of fosfomycin.

EUCAST public consultation on breakpoints for intravenous use of fosfomycin. Consultation period 12 July - 12 September, 2023. The proposal has been revised following comments to the previous consultation and discussions with...[more]

05 Jul 2023
VetCAST open meeting 2023 - minutes posted

Minutes from the VetCAST open meeting, during ECCMID in Copenhagen, 2023 are now available. [more]

30 Jun 2023
A revised version of the guidance on "What to do when there are no breakpoints" published

Following frequent questions and pleas for further guidance, EUCAST has revised the document "What to do when there are no breakpoints". This is not the type of document where a consultation is part of the process....[more]

29 Jun 2023
A new version of the breakpoint table (13.1) published. Additional agents for anaerobes.

The breakpoint tables have been updated from 13.0 (1 Jan, 2023) to 13.1 (29 June, 2023). This allows the AST of several additional agents for anaerobic bacteria. There is a matching update of QC tables. [more]

14 Jun 2023
The EUCAST FAQ updated

EUCAST receives many questions. Most are dealt with as soon as they are submitted, and many are listed in a file which is regularly updated. The FAQ file was updated 2023-06-14. [more]

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