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11 May 2024
General Committee 2024 meeting - minutes published

The EUCAST General Committee meeting 2024 was held in Barcelona during ESCMID Global. The minutes are now available. [more]

07 May 2024
Proposed change of breakpoints for aminopenicillins in enterococci

Proposed change of breakpoints for aminopenicillins in enterococci (consultation period 7 May - 14 June, 2024). Public consultation is part of the EUCAST decision process. The consultation period is 4 - 12 weeks, and the...[more]

03 May 2024
Consultation: benzylpenicillin breakpoints for S.pneumoniae and Viridans group streptococci

EUCAST consultation(3 May - 14 June) on breakpoints for Streptococcus pneumoniae and viridans group streptococci. [more]

03 May 2024
Aztreonam-avibactam and cefepime-enmetazobactam now available.

Aztreonam-avibactamhas now obtained regulatory approval and breakpoints from EMA and EUCAST for Enterobacterales. These are S≤4, R>4 mg/L.Disk diffusion criteria and QC targets and ranges will be published...[more]

24 Apr 2024
Salmonella enterica - multinational zone diameter distributions uploaded

Salmonella entericazone diameter distributions and ECOFFs for thousands of isolates from many countries were uploaded. The contributions were organised through an ECDC project using phenotypic antimicrobial...[more]

24 Apr 2024
Information for industry - reference and standardised AST.

EUCAST guidance on how to determine MIC values and develop distributions (and zone diameter distributions) for new agents in preparation for EUCAST and EMA evaluation. The development of new agents requires agreement and...[more]

21 Apr 2024
Warning against the use of AST devices for amphotericin B testing of Candida auris.

The Warning pertains to the following AST methods for amphotericin B and C. auris. Etest, (Etest, bioMerieux), gradient strip Mic Test Strip (MTS,Liofilchem),gradient strip Vitek 2 system...[more]

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