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14 Jun 2023
The EUCAST FAQ updated

EUCAST receives many questions. Most are dealt with as soon as they are submitted, and many are listed in a file which is regularly updated. The FAQ file was updated 2023-06-14. [more]

07 Jun 2023
Updates to RAST breakpoint tables and QC

Breakpoints and QC for several species and agents have been updated for incubation beyond 8h. See breakpoint tables, calibration files and QC recommendations. [more]

25 Apr 2023
Zone diameter distributions all curated

All EUCAST distributions of inhibition zone diameters have been curated via a new algorithm and software which automatically identifies wild type distributions, allocates ECOFFs and TECOFFs and reports confidence...[more]

25 Apr 2023
RAST - breakpoints for additional agents now available!

Breakpoints for several additional agents have been added to the RAST breakpoint table and QC table. All development data has been made available, also for new agents. Visit the RAST website for more information. [more]

08 Apr 2023
EUCAST General Committee meeting

The EUCAST annual General Committee meeting is open to anyone attending ECCMID. Minutes will eventually be posted. Minutes from the 2022 committee meeting in Lisbon 2022 are available. EUCAST Annual General Committee Meeting,...[more]

04 Apr 2023
Rationale Documents updated to new format

EUCAST is currently in the process of reviewing and updating the format of all rationale documents. It is a major and very resource consuming task. Three RDs (cefiderocole, ceftriaxone, tigecycline) have now been published in the...[more]

25 Mar 2023
MIC distributions and ECOFFs for Bacillus anthracis and Brucella melitensis available

MIC distributions and ECOFFs for Bacillus anthracis and Brucella melitensis available. To see the publication, klick here. [more]

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