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17 May 2019
Consultation on Proposed revision of aminoglycoside breakpoints

EUCAST proposes to revise aminoglycoside breakpoints - public consultation 30 May, 2019.[more]

16 May 2019
EUCAST hopes to add one more PK-PD expert to the Steering Committee.

Due to the increasing number of proposals of new antimicrobials requesting marketing authorisation and the increasing pace of reviewing existing breakpoints, the EUCAST Steering Committee is seeking to expand its expertise in...[more]

15 May 2019
Reference method for the determination of MICs in Mycobacteria - Consultation

The EUCAST Subcommittee on Anti-Mycobacterial susceptibility testing proposes a broth microdilution reference method for the determination of MICin organisms belonging to theM. tuberculosis complex. The documents are open...[more]

09 May 2019
General consultation on changing categorisation of some wild type distributions

EUCAST proposes that agents and species currently categorised as SusceptibleHE (SHE) are re-categorised as “Susceptible, increased exposure” (I) [more]

05 May 2019
The working order between industry, EMA and EUCAST.

Updated document to describe the working order between pharmaceutical industry, EMA and EUCAST.[more]

02 May 2019
Rapid AST direct from blood cultures - criteria for Acinetobacter baumannii added

Rapid AST direct from blood cultures - criteria for Acinetobacter baumannii were added and also criteria for screening for ESBL and carbapenemases for epidemiological and/or infection control purposes.[more]

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