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25 Mar 2022
EUCAST abandons the term "intrinsic resistance" in favor of "expected resistant phenotype"

For many years EUCAST and other committees have struggled with the term “intrinsic resistance”. There is no agreed definition and since breakpoints are always “exposure dependent” it is hard to agree on a definition which will...[more]

16 Mar 2022
Cefiderocol disk diffusion with EUCAST criteria - publication in JAC

Cefiderocol: EUCAST criteria for disc diffusion and broth microdilution for antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Link to the JAC article. The reproducibility of cefiderocol MIC determination using broth microdilution (BMD) in...[more]

28 Feb 2022
Temocillin MIC vs. inhibition zone diameters

MIC and zone diameter data on temocillin added to the Enterobacterales calibration/validation file (28 February, 2022). For anyone using EUCAST disk diffusion AST criteria, the calibration/validation files will provide valuable...[more]

25 Feb 2022
A Pragmatic Approach to Susceptibility Classification of Yeasts without EUCAST Clinical Breakpoints

A Pragmatic Approach to Susceptibility Classification of Yeasts without EUCAST Clinical Breakpoints, by Karen Marie Thyssen Astvad, Sevtap Arikan-Akdagli and Maiken Cavling Arendrup.[more]

24 Feb 2022
ECOFFs – the why, the how and the don´ts of EUCAST epidemiological cutoff values.

Identifying the MIC wild type distribution and its delineation of species targeted for receiving antimicrobial agent breakpoints is an important first step for determining clinical breakpoints. Having the main responsibility in...[more]

19 Feb 2022
Warning concerning MH broth for Thermofisher cefiderocol MIC panels.

Thermofisher/Sensititre have issue a warning against a malfunctioning broth for Sensititre panels containing cefiderocol resulting in too low cefiderocol MIC-values. The recommendation from the manufacturer is to ignore...[more]

31 Jan 2022
Panel of well characterized P. aeruginosa strains available through EUCAST/CCUG.

Nine phenotypically and genetically well characterized P. aeruginosamade available through EUCAST/CCUG.[more]

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