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20 Jul 2022
Fosfomycin - revised MIC distributions and ECOFFs

Fosfomycin: as part of the consultation process new fosfomycin MIC data was submitted. The old and new data have been assessed and, where appropriate, new ECOFFs determined. The new MIC data and ECOFFs are available at the EUCAST...[more]

15 Jul 2022
Selective susceptibility testing and reporting

EUCAST still receives comments from colleagues in clinical microbiology that when organisms are reported “I” (Susceptible, increased exposure”), clinical colleagues will favor agents for which the organism has been reported “S”...[more]

09 Jul 2022
Consultation on Breakpoints for C. diphtheriae and C. ulcerans.

The EUCAST general consultation on Corynebacterium diphtheriae and C. ulcerans is open for comments 9 July - 11 September, 2022. Together with specialists in Paris and Munich, 200 isolates of each species were investigated...[more]

05 Jul 2022
Publication from the AFST 2022

Molecular mechanisms of acquired antifungal drug resistance in principal fungal pathogens and EUCAST guidance for their laboratory detection and clinical implications. Thomas R. Rogers, Paul E. Verweij, Mariana Castanheira, Eric...[more]

29 Jun 2022
Cefiderocol susceptibility testing

Warning issued concerning cefiderocol susceptibility testing: there is currently no commercially available functioning test for cefiderocol MIC determination. EUCAST has investigated those available and all have problems with...[more]

22 Jun 2022
Screening for azole and echinocandin resistance

Screening for azole and echinocandin resistanceexemplified in Aspergillus[more]

19 Jun 2022
Warning against using material and devices for AST of species not listed as validated.

General warning against incomplete species and concentration range validation of commercially available susceptibility testing material and devices: In many cases manufacturers of susceptibility testing material and...[more]

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