Here you can find the latest news and updates from EUCAST.

13 Apr 2018
EUCAST activities at ECCMID 2018 - error corrected

We apologize but there was an error concerning the time and place of activities. This has now been corrected. [more]

11 Apr 2018
EUCAST activities at ECCMID 2018

EUCAST General Committee meeting (Agenda), Minutes from GC meeting 2017 and EUCAST activities at ECCMID 2018. [more]

29 Mar 2018
EUCAST breakpoint tables v 8.0 in Serbian

The Serbian NAC has translated EUCAST Breakpoint Tables v 8.0 into Serbian.[more]

21 Mar 2018
VetCAST position paper published

VetCAST has published a position paper titled:En Route towards European Clinical Breakpoints for Veterinary Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing: A Position Paper Explaining the VetCAST Approach.[more]

20 Mar 2018
Serbian NAC formed

Serbian NAC formed. A presentation of the NAC is now available.[more]

08 Mar 2018
The New Zealand NAC has organised a website.

The New Zealand National AST Committee has organised a website. Please visit at [more]

23 Feb 2018
Consultation on modifying definitions of S, I and R and introducing the Area of Technical Uncertainty

EUCAST publishes the third consultation on redefining the definitions of S, I and R and the proposal to define Areas of Technical Uncertainty for situations where correct categorisation is difficult.[more]

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