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04 May 2021
Will adding Ca++ to Muller Hinton media enhance the detection of colistin resistance

Revisiting colistin susceptibility testing: Will adding calcium to Mueller-Hinton agar improve the detection of colistin resistance? See EUCAST publications. [more]

04 May 2021
MIC distributions and ECOFFs for veterinary pathogens updated

Together with VetCAST EUCAST has updated MIC distributions and ECOFFs for several veterinary pathogens - Pasteurella multocida, Mannheimia hemolytica, Staphylococcus pseudintermedius and Staphylococcus hyicus. Go to the MIC...[more]

17 Apr 2021
Delafloxacin rationale document updated

The delafloxacin rationale document has been updated.[more]

14 Apr 2021
"Frequently Asked Questions in EUCAST AST methods" and "How to use ECOFFinder"

Online seminar 21 April, 2021; 8.00 AM and 1.00 PM. The seminar consisted of two unrelated parts "Frequently Asked Questions in EUCAST AST methods" and "How to use ECOFFinder" with Erika Matuschek...[more]

14 Apr 2021
Disk diffusion of anaerobic bacteria

A laboratory trial designed to investigate the robustness of the EUCAST disk diffusion test for rapidly growing anaerobic bacteria (Bacteroides spp, Prevotella spp, Fusobacterium necrophorum, Clostridium perfringens and...[more]

28 Mar 2021
EUCAST aphorisms

The manufacturer of antimicrobial susceptibility testing material is responsible for the quality of the material provided to microbiological laboratories. The laboratory is responsible for the result provided to doctors and...[more]

19 Mar 2021
EUCAST breakpoints offer two levels of susceptible (S and I).

In 2019, EUCAST abandoned the previously used definitions of S, I and R, and introduced categories S (Susceptible, standard dose), I (Susceptible, increased exposure) and R (Resistant). All breakpoints, dosages and modes of...[more]

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