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16 Jan 2022
All MIC/Zone diameter calibration file updated. Anaerobic bacteria added.

With changes in the breakpoint table v 12.0 and the adding of disk diffusion criteria for anaerobic bacterial and for Vibrio spp, the calibration filesshowing the relationship between MIC and inhibition zone...[more]

11 Jan 2022
EUCAST/ESPID joint task force on dosing of antibiotics in children - questionnaire on common practices.

EUCAST and ESPID arepreparing to address antibiotic dosing and exposure in children to match the current EUCAST recommendations for adults. To initiate discussion and development we encourage colleagues to answer the...[more]

08 Jan 2022
Delafloxacin ECOFFs and TECOFFs published

Delafloxacin, a recent addition to the quinolone agents, has now received ECOFFs and TECOFFs.[more]

01 Jan 2022
Happy New Year from the EUCAST

This is to wish all EUCAST users a happy and successful new year and to summarise some recent changes and additions to the EUCAST system. Breakpoint tables v 12.0 (2022) with MIC and disk diffusion criteria for Vibrio...[more]

28 Dec 2021
Disk diffusion criteria and revised breakpoints for anaerobic bacteria

Disk diffusion methods and criteria and revised breakpoints for anaerobic bacteria now available.[more]

28 Dec 2021
RAST breakpoints and QC criteria updated

Rapid AST directly from positive blood culture bottles: breakpoints and QC updated to match the regular EUCAST breakpoints.[more]

28 Dec 2021
Breakpoint tables and dosages v 12.0 (2022) published

The revised breakpoint table (v 12.0) and dosages now published. Valid from 1 January, 2022.[more]

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