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21 Dec 2012
Micafungin for consultation

Micafungin rational document now available for consultation (2012-12-21 - 2013-01-31). Please use the consultation form for commenting.[more]

21 Dec 2012
EUCAST Breakpoint Tables v 3.0

EUCAST Breakpoint Tables v 3.0 - The followingchanges were made as a result of theconsultation (5 - 20 December, 2012): BreakpointsEnterobacteriaceae and ceftaroline: Zone diameter breakpoints...[more]

21 Dec 2012
Yearly update of EUCAST QC tables

EUCAST Routine QC Tables v 3.0are updated and a new table, EUCAST Extended QC Tables v 1.0,is published. [more]

18 Dec 2012
GC members can attend SC meetings

In 2012, it was decided tooffer EUCAST GC members to attend EUCAST Steering Commitee meeting The invitation for 2013 is now online![more]

13 Dec 2012
Consultation on Anidulafungin and Fluconazole

The EUCAST Subcommittee on Antifungal susceptibility testing invites all to comment on suggested revised/new breakpoints for anidulafungin and fluconazole. For comments, please use the documents specially prepared for this:...[more]

05 Dec 2012
Tentative Breakpoint table v 3.0 (2013)

EUCAST breakpoint table v 3.0 (valid from 2013) now open for comments (until December 20). Please inform us about typos, inconsistancies, clarifications needed etc. All changes from current tables (v 2.0) are highlighted in pale...[more]

31 Oct 2012
Results of consultation on Campylobacter and Pasteurella

The results of the consultations on Campylobacter and Pasteurella are now available. Breakpoints and methodology.[more]

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