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28 Jan 2023
New translations to Chinese

The Chinese NAC has translated several EUCAST documents. [more]

22 Jan 2023
Mycobacteria AST - inoculum preparation and how to perform CFU counts

Guidance from the EUCAST subcommittee on Antimycobacterial AST (AMST) on inoculum preparation and the performing of CFU counts. [more]

14 Jan 2023
Aminopenicillin breakpoints - guidance on implementing revised breakpoints

Aminopenicillin breakpoints were revised in the breakpoint table 13.0 (2023). EUCAST has been asked to provide guidance on how to implement the revised breakpoints in laboratory practice and systems. [more]

02 Jan 2023
Updated disk diffusion manuals and reading guidelines

Disk diffusion methods manuals and reading guidelines have been updated. [more]

02 Jan 2023
The 13.0 versions of breakpoints, dosing and QC (2023) published.

Breakpoint table v 13.0, dosing table v 13.0 and QC tables v 13.0 (2023) published. [more]

31 Dec 2022
Comments and EUCAST responses to consultations published

Consultation on proposed changes to meningitis breakpoints and chloramphenicol breakpoints - comments and EUCAST responsesmade available. [more]

09 Dec 2022
FAA medium for disk diffusion of anaerobe bacteria

EUCAST disk diffusion of anaerobe bacteria and the FAA-HB medium. EUCAST disk diffusion of anaerobe bacteria (Bacteroides spp., Prevotella spp., Fusobacterium necrophorum, Clostridium perfringens and Cutibacterium acnes) is...[more]

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