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19 Jun 2022
Warning against using material and devices for AST of species not listed as validated.

General warning against incomplete species and concentration range validation of commercially available susceptibility testing material and devices: In many cases manufacturers of susceptibility testing material and...[more]

14 May 2022
Consultation (14 May - 15 June, extended to 15 July) on revised breakpoints for IV fosfomycin

EUCAST posted a general consultation on revised breakpoints for intravenous fosfomycin. Consultation period 14 May - 15 June, 2022. Revised breakpoints will be published in breakpoint table 2023.[more]

04 May 2022
Consultation on the availability of piperacillin and ticarcillin without inhibitors.

EUCAST is considering removing breakpoints for piperacillin without tazobactam and/or ticarcillin without clavulanic acid but only if these agents are no longer used. If you in your country are still using either or both of...[more]

04 May 2022
A new version of the QC table for testing of antifungal agents is available

A new version of the QC table for testing of antifungal agents is available on the website. [more]

12 Apr 2022
Cefiderocol Rationale Document updated

The Cefiderocol Rational Document has been revised. Link. [more]

12 Apr 2022
RAST updated to include incubation beyond 8 hours

EUCAST Rapid AST directly from positive blood culture bottles, previously restricted to 4, 6 or 8 hour incubation, has now been validated for 16 - 20 h incubation with specific reading guidelines and interpretive criteria. This...[more]

12 Apr 2022
Guidance note on topical agents revised

Minor revision of the EUCAST Guidance on topical agents[more]

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