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28 Feb 2020
ESCMID Postgraduate course on EUCAST guidelines, Tallinn, Estonia, September 2020

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing with EUCAST criteria and methods - to register. Read more.[more]

25 Feb 2020
AFST breakpoint tables and QC tables updated

The EUCAST subcommittee on antifungal susceptibility testing has updated clinical breakpoints, ECOFFs and QC tables. The tables were organised with a final date 4 February, and following final consultation puiblished 25 February,...[more]

17 Feb 2020
Rationale documents for antifungal agents updated

Rationale documents for antifungal agents updated.[more]

10 Feb 2020
Update: Breakpoint tables for Rapid AST directly from blood culture bottles,

Update: Breakpoint tables for Rapid AST directly from blood culture bottlesv 2.0, 2020.[more]

05 Feb 2020
EUCAST publication, open access, Rapid AST (4-8 h) directly from bloodcultures, now available.

The EUCAST rapid AST (4-8 h) directly from positive bloodculture bottles is now published in JAC (open access).[more]

26 Jan 2020
ECOFFinder program updated

The ECOFFinder program updated 2020 - some warnings related to the use of the program added (see first tab). [more]

25 Jan 2020
Before using the new EUCAST breakpoint tables, make sure.... read the information on the new S, I and R definitions and the use of the arbitraryand off-scale susceptible breakpoint of S≤0.001 mg/L, it is available immediatelyabove the links to the breakpoint...[more]

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