Summing up 2020

From EUCAST, we wish you all happy holidays and a better 2021 than the 2020 to which we are now saying goodbye.

EUCAST has, despite the pandemic, had a busy year - no travelling but many hours of online meetings and online seminars. There were new agents, new species and a new MIC and new Zone diameter distribution software and a plethora of consultations. We also have a new contract for future activities with ECDC and our collaborative efforts with EMA continue. We waived goodbye to former General Committee representatives, Cidália Pina Vaz (Portugal) and Efi Petinaki (Greece) and welcomed two new Steering Committee members as representatives of the General Committee, Gian Maria Rossolini (Italy) and Jorge Luiz Mello Sampaio (Brazil).

EUCAST Subcommittees have been very busy too - new and updated reference methods, project planning and online meetings and scientific publications.

As old projects reach fruition, new projects are started - disk diffusion of anaerobic bacteria, breakpoints and methods for AST of Nocardia spp, Vibrio spp, and MIC distributions for Corynebacterium diphteriae and C. ulcerans are on. The EUCAST Development Laboratories are being kept very busy.

The Newsletter (sign up with your email in the top bar of the EUCAST homepage) will be automatically distributed once a month beginning in 2021. It will summarise everything that has happened or changed over the preceding 30 days. You are always welcome to pose questions via the EUCAST webpage.